Month: February 2015

Jazz Band Tomorrow Morning

Jazz band members, remember to come to school in uniform. Check in with your first period teacher and wait for an announcement to come to the band room. Do not come down early. 

I have a lot of running around to do in the morning to get things ready for the performance so there will be no practice session. 


Mr. Huls

Updates due to weather

Hello all, these announcements are for 7th and 8th grade band students only. 

We hope everyone has been inside and safe this week with all of the cold weather. As the school closing pile up we have had no real change in our upcoming events so here is a reminder of what’s coming up. 

Friday Feb 27th during the morning hours at the Junior High the Jazz Band will still be perform at the black history month assembly. Jazz band members please wear your band uniforms to school Friday. 

Monday March 2nd, the 7th and 8th grade bands have there Pre-Festival concert. 7th grade band please report at 6:30pm in uniform to the stage. 8th graders please report to the auditorium seats in uniform at 6:45pm. Both bands will perform for each other as we get ready for our festival performance on Mar 16th. We will perform our stage selections and we will sightread for everyone. It is extremely important that all 7th and 8th grade band members attend this event. 

Thurs March 5th, 8th grade band last after school rehearsal. 3-4:15pm at CJHS band room. 

Tues March 10th, 7th grade band last after school rehearsal. 3-4:15pm at CJHS band room. 

Monday March 16th, Festival Performance. 7th grade at 2pm and 8th grade at 6:30pm. More info TBA. 

Keep selling AYP cards. We’re almost out. Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks all

Rehearsals This Week

Hello 7th and 8th grade parents,

As you have probably seen from our online calendar this weeks rehearsals are incredibly important. We have the MAC booked for Tuesday and Thursday of this week for our after school rehearsals.

These are two of our most important rehearsals as we lead up to our Pre-Festival concert on March 2nd.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Tuesday – 7th grade grade band after school rehearsal at the MAC from 3pm-5pm. Pickup is at the MAC.

Thursday – 8th grade grade band after school rehearsal at the MAC from 3pm-5pm. Pickup is at the MAC.

Please make sure you make plans for your child to attend these rehearsals. If the school cancels after school events due to inclement weather we will not rehearse, but please plan on everything going as planned.

Thanks everyone.

Clarification and Reminders

Hello All,

Just wanted to remind my 7th and 8th grade parents about after school rehearsals this week. 7th grade is on Tuesday and 8th grade on Thursday. Please make sure that your child comes for the full length of rehearsal unless they are in a school activity or team, in which case they should be splitting time.

6th grade parents, I’d like to clarify a post about grades and extra help. The CMS band room should be open by around 7:40am each morning if students would like to get help prior to class starting at 8:10am. Students may come in at that time to get help if needed. The CJHS band room is open from 7:15 to 7:35am.

6th grade parents you may have noticed two categories in which your child does not have a grade entered. We will be teaching them their Eb and Ab scales and eventually those will need to be passed off. They are currently in the template for the gradebook but for most kids they will not show a grade yet.

Thanks all, keep selling those AYP cards !!!!!

AYP Cards Fundraiser Kick-Off

Hello Band Parents,

Today we will be kicking off our annual AYP card fundraiser.  This fundraiser is our second fundraiser of the year and will help us with the cost of repairs on school instruments, supplies, purchasing of new music and instruments, and bringing in clinicians.

What is the fundraiser?

American Youth Projects puts together a discount card to be used local participating restaurants, shops, and other businesses in Carroll, Haralson, and Douglas County.  The card costs $12, can be used an unlimited amount of times and is good until March 1, 2016.

How the fundraiser works:

  • Students can take their order taker with them and show anyone interested in buying a card the order taker with all of the valid discounts.
  • If the buyer is interested they can pay $12 cash, or a check made out to CJHS Band.
  • The student should then turn in the money as soon as possible to the band director. Please make sure it is in an envelope, with your name and grade clearly marked.
  • The cards will be issued the next day in band class and the student can bring them to their buyers.


  • For every 5 cards sold, a student will receive a free AYP card for themselves or their parents. So wait to buy a card from your child, see if they can earn you one by selling 10 on their own.
  • 8th Grade Band students will receive $3 for every card sold toward their Carowinds Trip. (That’s a really good deal, if an 8th grader sells 10 AYP cards that’s $30 off their trip, then they could sell the free card for another $12 and turn that in toward their trip, that’s $42 off their trip by only selling 10 cards)

Let’s make this fundraiser a huge success for the band program by selling at multiple locations like church groups, at work in the break room, at weekend sporting events etc…Please feel free to email Mr. Huls or Ms. Menendez with any questions.

Thank you again for your support.

Mr. Huls                                                                               Ms. Menendez

Band Director                                                                    Band Director

Carrollton Bands                                                               Carrollton Bands

Scale Pass-Offs

Hello everyone,

All grades are currently updated in the grade book. Please check your child’s power school grade.

Please remember that all grades can be made up before or after class, or before or after school.

In addition to your child’s personal practice at home we also offer practice sessions in the morning at 7:15am-7:35am each morning for students that cannot practice at home.

We also allow the students the first 5-8min at the beginning of each class to warmup and ask for any extra help on a scale of piece of sheet music.

Thanks all.

Monday After-School Practice Sessions

Good morning,

We have decided to pause our sixth grade after-school practice sessions until after our Large Group Performance Evaluation has occurred. This will allow for the directors to assist at the Junior High and the High School in preparation for these important performances. We are scheduled to resume Monday, March 23rd.


Ms. Menendez & Mr. Huls