Month: April 2016

Volunteer’s Needed Monday at Tabernacle

Hello All,

The 8th grade band is performing Monday at Tabernacle Baptist Church for the CJHS Awards Evening.  I need some help moving equipment and stands at 3:15pm at Tabernacle Baptist Church.

The students will arrive at 5:20pm to be in their seats for warm-up by 5:30pm.  We perform at 6pm and should be done by 6:20pm.  We are only playing two pieces.

I will then need some more help packing the truck at the conclusion of the awards ceremony around 7:45pm.

If you can help at any time please send me an email.


Band Chorus Awards Night

Hello all

Those that are signed up and turned in their money to attend BCAN were assigned a drink, snack, or dessert item to bring Saturday. Please bring that item with you at 6pm. 

Saturday the doors will open at 6pm for all students and parent chaperones, and will end at 9pm. I will be there to guide you to your post and we will get student’s items to the solarium for distribution. If you checked a volunteer spot on your paper I need you, we will need hands on deck to help keep an eye on these awesome kids. Even if you didn’t sign up please consider coming to be a monitor. 

We are expecting rain Saturday so please bring an umbrella. I’m sure our coat check area will be stocked full of them by the end of the night. 

I look forward to seeing you all Saturday night. 

New Member Meeting

This message is for all 8th grade parents and students. 

I was reminded by Mr. Carr today about the new member meeting at 7pm on May 3rd. It’s going to be a busy week that week for all 8th grade band members. Let’s recap. 

Monday May 2nd:  5:30 arrival time at Tabernacle Baptist Church for the CJHS awards night. Mandatory for all 8th graders (including those not receiving awards). We will be done at 6:15pm. 

Tuesday May 3rd:  New member meeting for all 8th graders moving on to HS band. Not signed up? Please feel free to come and get the information. We can change your schedule. Don’t miss out on joining the largest team at the HS. This meeting will take place at 7pm at the HS band room. 

Thursday May 5th:  Band BBQ performance at the HS. 5:30pm warmup and 6pm performance in Grisham Stadium. The event will finish at 7pm. Please come and get some BBQ and watch your child perform with the HS marching band. 

Friday May 6-8:  Carowinds trip. I will send out the itinerary this week. 

We have so many 8th grade events coming up. Remember all of these events are made successful by having perfect attendance. Please plan to attend every event, let me know if your child needs a ride I can arrange to have someone pick them up. 

Thanks again. 

May 5th Band BBQ performance for 8th Graders

Hello all, 

Each year our high school band puts on a great fundraiser called the band BBQ. The marching band puts on a performance and everyone eats BBQ and enjoys the show. The past few years we have included the 8th grade band to give the kids another opportunity to play with the HS kids before they make their way to the HS band. This year is no different. Here is the info:

Thursday May 5th

5:30pm – warmup at the HS band room

6pm-7pm – performance with the HS marching band at Grisham Stadium. 

Pickup at Grisham stadium at 7pm. 

Uniform: band polo shirt and khaki shorts and tennis shoes. 

It’s going to be a busy week of performing but really fun.  I know you will enjoy this awesome performance. Please make plans to be there. 

End of the Year Calendar

Hello All,

As we get closer to the end of the year let me give you a few friendly reminders.

Band and Chorus Awards Night  (April 30th from 6-9pm)

Permission slips are due by Tuesday, April 26th.  The event will begin promptly at 6pm.  NO NEED FOR ANYONE TO ARRIVE ANY EARLIER.  All students and chaperone’s can report at 6pm ready to have a good time.  Remember that this is not a “Prom” just a fun way to get together, hand out our awards, and do some dancing.

If you checked a volunteer line on the permission form I will need you.


CJHS Awards Banquet at Tabernacle Church  (May 2nd, 5:15pm – 6:30pm)

This event is MANDATORY for all 8th grade band students.  We will warm-up on stage at 5:30pm and perform two pieces at 6pm for the opening of the CJHS Awards Evening.  Any students attending the NJHS ceremony at 5:30pm can go to the induction ceremony and then come join us ASAP once the ceremony is complete.

Any students not receiving an award that evening from CJHS can leave with their parent, any student receiving an award will go lineup in the gym.

Uniform Requirement:  We will not be wearing our band uniforms, students will be asked to dress nicely.  Boys can wear a shirt and tie or polo and khakis, girls can wear a dress or nice blouse and shirt.

It is an honor that we are invited to play for this prestigious event and I would like to have everyone there looking and sounding great.


Carowinds (May 6th – 8th)  

Let’s try and get all final balances in by the end of this month.  All students and chaperone’s will meet at 9:30AM that morning and then we will head out.  We will pack and load the busses at 10AM and head out.  All itineraries and info will be handed out in class.


Spring Concert (May 16th, 7-8:15pm at the MAC) 

All 6 – 8th grade students will be involved for our annual Spring Concert.  This is our culminating event for the year and is a great way to head out for the summer.  Please mark your calendars and come and enjoy some great music.  6th grader should arrive at 6:30pm and report to the stage, 7th graders should report at 6:45pm to the warm-up room backstage, 8th graders should report at 6:45pm to the auditorium.

Volunteer Opportunity:  We will need helpers at 3:15pm at the MAC to help setup if you can join us.


Thanks everyone as always if you have questions you can email me.

Thank you again for your support.

Band and Chorus Awards Night

Hello All,

I’m sure you have heard or seen our information on Band and Chorus Awards Night coming up Saturday, April 30th from 6-9pm.  The cost per student is $10 to attend, and only students in band or chorus are eligible.  If they would like to bring a guest from outside band or chorus they may for an additional $10.  Only students in 7th and 8th grade at CJHS are allowed to come to our dance / awards evening, school rules apply, and we will have a principal present during each hour of the event.

Their are many volunteer opportunities available for you to take part in and I would say we usually have around 35 – 50 parents in and out all evening to help the event run smoothly and to monitor kids.  Please consider volunteering.

This is not a mandatory event, just a fun way to reward the students for a great year and a way for the students to recognize those who have excelled.  I look forward to seeing you there.