Month: November 2014

Thanksgiving Break Reminders

Hello all band parents,

Please remind your child to bring their instrument home over the break, and have them play their concert music for you.  We want to make sure the students keep their skill level up over the long break so when we come back we can get them into shape before the first concert on December 15th.

After school rehearsal reminder for 7th and 8th grade bands:

8th grade band has after school rehearsal both Tuesdays (December 2nd and 9th) prior to the concert. The practices will run from 3 – 4:30pm in the CJHS Band room.  All students are expected to attend, if your child has an after school sport or club practice please make sure they speak with their coach or sponsor and split time.  In the event that they have a game with an after school activity please attend that event.

7th grade band has after school rehearsal both Thursdays (December 4th and 11th) prior to the concert. The practices will run from 3 – 4:30pm in the CJHS Band room.  All students are expected to attend, if your child has an after school sport or club practice please make sure they speak with their coach or sponsor and split time.  In the event that they have a game with an after school activity please attend that event.

Ms. Menendez and I wish you all a great Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you at our Christmas Concert on December 15th, 2014.

Take Care

Monday Practice Sessions

Hello 6th grade parents,

We are extremely excited to begin our Monday afternoon practice sessions! This is a once a week practice time available for all sixth grade students.  It is a great opportunity for some extra individual attention, whether it is for a student who feels behind or a student who would like an extra challenge.  This is also a wonderful practice opportunity for students who share school instruments.

We will begin these Monday practice sessions this upcoming Monday the 24th, and will continue on until the end of our school semester. The plan is to keep this going year round! Students are asked to report to the band room after school. They will practice and rehearse with Ms. Menendez and possibly other instructors until 4:15.  The band student pickup will be in the bus loop by the gym door.  Ms. Menendez will walk all of the students outside and wait with them until their ride has arrived.  Please make sure that if your student is going to stay after, that they have a ride home.

We really encourage your students to participate! Not only can they learn to play their instrument at a higher level, but they can learn to work as a team and teach each other as well.

Your 6th grade students have exceeded our expectations so far this semester.  They are a wonderful, hardworking and kind group that is a joy to teach every day. Thank you for all that you do.


Joe Huls

Maria Menendez


Veterens Day Wrap-Up

Thank you for your help making our Veterans Day Ceremonies a success.  I was extremely proud of the 8th grade band, I knew they were going to play well, but it was the maturity in which they held themselves all day that allowed us all to remember why we hold these ceremonies.  Thank you to all the Veterans for your service to our country.

image (3)

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Band Uniform Requirements

Hello 6th Grade Band Parents,

Your child’s first performance is less than a month away, Monday December 15th, 2014 at the Mabry Arts Center from 7 – 8pm.  I would like to remind you of the uniform requirements that were outlined in our handbook.

CMS / CJHS band uniform includes:

  • Black Band Polo
  • Black DRESS Pants (no jeans, this is a formal event)
  • Black DRESS Shoes (no sneakers or high tops, this is a formal event)
  • Black Socks
  • Shirt Tucked In.

We have sized all of the students and are about to put the shirt order in.  Remember that the cookie dough fundraiser went directly toward the purchase of your shirt.  Check the following chart to see how much you owe.

Sold 0 boxes, you owe $21

Sold 1 box, you owe $18

Sold 2 boxes, you owe $15

Sold 3 boxes, you owe $12

Sold 4 boxes, you owe $9

Sold 5 boxes, you owe $6

Sold 6 boxes, you owe $3

Sold 7 or more, your shirt is free, you do not need to do anything.

Please send in a check or cash for the remainder of your money for the polo shirt.  Checks can be made out to CJHS Band.

Thanks all

Veterans Day Information

Hello 8th Grade Parents,
Tomorrow as you know is Veterans Day, and the 8th grade band will be performing all day at the High School Gymnasium as part of our Veterans Day Ceremonies.  If you would like to come and watch one of the ceremonies the times are listed below.  If you can come and be a chaperone to help with lunch that would be great please email me and show up to the gymnasium at 10:15 AM.
Please make sure your child comes to school in uniform for our all day events.
Uniform includes:
Black CJHS Band Polo
Black Dress Pants (no jeans)
Black Dress Shoes and Socks
Remember that this is a formal event, students that do not wear the required items will not participate.
Current Schedule of Performances for each school, all occurring at the HS Gymnasium
8:30 – 9:20   CJHS
9:40 – 10:30   CMS
10:45 – 11:15 – Lunch for CJHS Band (Volunteers Needed)
11:30 – 12:00  CES #1
12:30 – 1:00    CES #2
1:30 – 2:30   CHS

8th Grade Trip to Carowinds

Hello 8th Grade Band Parents,

As you now know your child has brought information home about our Spring Trip to the Carowinds Theme Park in Charlotte NC.  We will begin payments starting this month with your $50 deposit for students and chaperones, and then a payment is due each month until the end of February.

Please read all the info, and fill out the attached permission and health form.

Please consider coming as a chaperone, the trip is very fun and we would love to have a big group of parents go to help with supervision.  

Coat Sale

Hello All,

We have handed out order forms for band coats.  These are completely optional to band students, please do not feel the need to purchase one, but they are a fun way for band kids to show there spirit.

On the front of the form are all the different styles of coats and prices, and on the back is the order form.  Each jacket will come with our “Carrollton Trojan Band” logo.  If you would like to have your name and instrument embroidered on the front you can do so for an additional $5.

We have samples of the coats at school for the kids to try on if they do not know there size.

Forms and Fee’s will be collected on Monday, November 17th.  Please email Mr. Huls or Ms. Menendez if you have any questions.

This is a completely different sale to the 6th grade band polo shirts, we are fitting the students for polos and will send info home about them soon.

A Huge Thank you and Reminder

Thank you to all my 8th grade band parents for supporting your child Friday night. Ms. Menendez and I couldn’t be more proud of our 8th grade band. Given the elements they still performed with class, and maturity as well as energy and enthusiasm. They rocked the house!

Next week we have another performance all day at the high school on Veterans Day. If you would like to come watch and listen we will be performing 5 times throughout the day. We will have an after school rehearsal tomorrow from 3-4:30 at the JH band room to prepare for this important day of performances.

Thank you again for being awesome parents, attendance is the key to making all these extra performances and fun events successful and we couldn’t do it without you.