Month: February 2018

AYP Fundraiser/Concert Tonight

Good morning,

Today: Pre LGPE concert at MAC. Report time 6:00PM. Concert begins at 6:30.

Tonight is our Pre- L.G.P.E. concert! This is often one of our biggest concerts of the year because we get to perform our music in front of judges, and the high school band community. It is an honor to share the stage with them and I cannot wait for you to see how advanced these students have gotten since December.

CJHS students are required to stay for 7th and 8th grade performance. Students are encouraged to stay for high school performances if possible. All black with band polo. No leggings or tennis shoes please! (No 7th grade after school rehearsal due to concert)

AYP Fundraiser! AYP Rollout Info.docx

Instructions for the fundraiser:

  1. Use your order taker card to show people the incredible deals that these cards have to offer..  Each card is $15 and has unlimited uses up to a year at participating locations.
  2. Bring the $15 to Ms. Menendez in a sealed envelope and you will receive an AYP card the next day to distribute to your buyers.

Cash or checks. Checks made out to CJHS Band


  1. For every 5 cards sold you will receive 1 free. (so try and sell 5 before you buy one yourself)
  2. 8th grade receives $3 off of their Carowinds trip for every card sold!
  3. For every 5 cards sold your name will be inserted into a drawing to win a free Zipp Nano X2 High Performance Drone! Every 5 sold means another chance to win!

We will continue to sell AYP cards for the next few months as we have them, if we sell out we can always order more.  

I would love to have some parents tonight at a table selling AYP cards for our band program before and between bands. If anyone is interested and available please let me know!

See you tonight!

-M. Menendez

Concert Tuesday Mabry Arts Center

Good evening,

I hope that you have had a restful weekend!  Below is some information about this week.

Tuesday: Pre LGPE concert at MAC. Report time 6:00PM. Concert begins at 6:30. CJHS students are required to stay for 7th and 8th grade performance. Students are encouraged to stay for high school performances if possible. All black with band polo. No leggings or tennis shoes please! (No 7th grade after school rehearsal due to concert)

Wednesday: Jazz Band rehearsal until 4:30

Thursday: 8th Grade after school rehearsal until 5:30

AYP Cards: AYP cards are set to roll out this week. Once I receive them I will hand out information to the students. They will be sold at $15 this year and $3 from every card sold can be put towards any remaining balances of Carowinds fees.

Carowinds Payments: A form has been handed to your student with the remaining balance on the trip. Please plan accordingly to either fundraise or pay the remaining balance. You may email me if your student lost their form.

Jacket Orders due! I would like to turn in the jacket orders this week for us so please get those in on Tuesday at the latest so that I can turn them in to Ozier Apparel.

Hollywood Trip: Please visit for information regarding payments of our Hollywood trip. I do no want to clutter each post with information but will at least attach a link below to some basic information on payments.

Hollywood PDF

Enjoy some pictures of our awesome students that I took on Friday. They work very hard each day in class and have a great work ethic. I am proud of these kids and cannot wait for them to perform Tuesday and in mid- March for the public!

IMG_2834IMG_2908 2IMG_2889 2IMG_2902( Not bad for being taken on an iPhone)

Happy Sunday!

-M. Menendez

Club Photos (Friday)

Good morning,

We are having club photos on Friday and our band will be included. Please make sure that your student brings their band polo to school on Friday for the photo. If they can wear blue jeans that would help too. Students only need to wear their polo for the photo, not for the entire school day.

I look forward to 8th grade rehearsal today as it is our last rehearsal before our concert on Tuesday at the MAC in front of an audience!

Pre-LGPE Tuesday February 27th. Report time 6 PM

-M. Menendez



Large Group Performance Evaluation:

Pre-L.G.P.E. February 27th Mabry Arts Center

Report time 6:00 

7th Grade perform at 6:30

8th Grade perform at 7:00

Students need to stay for the JH performance to receive full credit. High school ensembles begin after 8th grade and you are encouraged, but not required to stay for those.

This is our only chance to perform this music in front of an actual audition before we perform in March for ratings. Attendance is a must since we will have judges there to give is mock scores and tapes in preparation for the big performance in March.

Large Group Performance Evaluation 

Carroll County Performing Arts Center,

775 Old Newnan Rd, Carrollton, GA 30116

March 13th: 7th Grade LGPE

  • Performance 5:00
  • 6:15 Estimated departure to American Pie for Dinner
  • 7:45 Estimated time of arrival at CJHS

March 14th: 8th Grade LGPE

  • Performance 6:00
  • 7:15 Estimated departure to American Pie for Dinner
  • 8:45 Estimated time of arrival at CJHS

A few notes: Final schedule will come out once busses have been approved. We may need to leave earlier in order to avoid after-school traffic. I plan on feeding the students a small snack before we leave such as goldfish or something similar.

If you are interested in donating some snacks please let me know.

Chaperones for festival will be needed. Email me if you are interested.

Full schedule coming out as soon as possible!


Hollywood Trip:

Please visit our high school website for important information on the Hollywood trip including payment schedules.

District Honor Band:

This weekend was an incredible experience for our 9 members who participated in District Honor Band! We spent the weekend with the high school band members learning a lot about playing music and having a ton of fun! I am extremely proud of these individuals for working hard to earn a spot in this prestigious ensemble and for their performance on Saturday.



Normal rehearsals this week

Tuesday 3:30-5:00 7th grade

Wednesday 3:30-4:30 Jazz Band

Thursday 3:30-5:00 8th grade

Time to continue pushing towards next Tuesday and then Mid March! I cannot wait for the community to hear all how hard your students have been working! They sound fantastic so far and will only improve.

Please look over the schedule and let me know if you have any questions.


M. Menendez

Hollywood Trip List (8th Grade only)

Good morning,

Below are the names that we have signed up for the 2018 Marching Band Hollywood Parade Trip.

Please review the list of names here and make sure you and your student are on the list if you paid your deposit.  Remember, we make mistakes.  It will never be intentional, and we will do our best to correct any mistake we have made, just be kind and let us know.  
Abbie Reid
Adam Rakestraw
Addison Maxwell
Alexis Chandler
Allison Driver
Allyson Childers
Amelie Avin
Andi Tumi
Andrew O’Hara
Andrew Stagliano
Andy Herndon
Ansley Allyn
Ansley Kitchens
Anthony O’Campo
Asha Brown
Austin Schumann
Autumn Willis
Avery Childers
Baracah Binyamin
Barbara Dothard
Ben Bradley
Beth Caldwell
Bethany Shackelford
Betsy Tuggle
Caroline Fjeran
Carolyn Tumi
Chris carr
Chris O’Neal
Christine Earwood
Christy Chandler
Coby Smith
Connor Harris
Cooper Smith
Corey Hawkins
Cristian Salmeron
Crystian LaChance
Dale Drummond
Damian Tyler
Danyale Weems
Donna Terry
Drake Loftin
Drake Pauley
Ed Redmond
Eli Nunez
Elise Joswick
Ethan Eiserloh
Ethan Jack
Ethan Jindrich
Evan Broome
Evan Tallent
Gabby Person
Gabriela Rubio
Giovannie Taylor
Giselle Salmeron
Grace Shell
Grant Caldwell
Hailey Denney
Hailey Johnson
Hannah Payne
Harley Shope
Haynes Driver
Heather Ivester
Hector Salas
Holly Hindmon
Hue Maierhofer
Isaac Post
Jackson Waldroup
Jacob Sipes
Jadyn Dortch
Jalen Pate
Jalen Reese
Jamari Thomas
Jamie Bright
Jason Schmidt
Jean Loftin
Jeannie Redmond
Jeb Jackson
Jenna Haynes
Jennifer Camillo
Jennifer Carden
Jennifer O’Neal
Jeremy Carden
JJ Lord
Joe Driver
Joey Berry
John Robert Ray
Jonathan Leak
Jordan Henderson
Jordan Mullenix
Joshua Farmer
Joshua Hansen
Josias Rubio
Josie Worthan
Julie Reed
Kadence Collins
Kalia Bryant
Kamiya Wyatt
Karyn LaChance
Katelyn Carden
Katie Hoberg
Katie Reid
Katy Federer
Kayla McGuinn
Kaylin Jones
Kelley Moomey
Kelly Ozier
Kelsey Traylor
Khail Foster
Kiarra Wilbanks
Kile Vogelgesang
Kourtney Bartlett
Lainey Driver
Landon Driver
Landon Jones
Latasha Griffin
Lavita Pearson
Lexie Laye
Lilly Robinson
Lindsey Carr
Lisa Collins
Lisa Joswick
Lori Tuggle
Madelyn Huggins
Madelyn Moomey
Madison Redmond
Maggie Rowland
Makayle Landrum
Margaret Haney
Margo Haynes
Maria Menendez
Maryanne Smith
Matthew Willis
McKenna Walker
Megan Eason
Meredith Harris
Micah Brock
Micah Hytower
Michelle Mullenix
Middle School
Millie Matthews
Molly McGrath
Monsey Salmeron
Myles Dortch
Natalie Johnson
Nathan Leak
Neal Bright
Niani Redwine
Nicholas Mansour
Nicole Bridges
Noah Kamishlian
Nykia Cook
Olivia Grace Crews
Olivia Tate
Percussion tech
Peter Ivester
Rachael Robinson
Rachel Glory
Rachel Tate
Regina Hytower
Rob Ward
Robert Cox
Robert Daniel
Ryan Schumann
Sahithi Pandi
Savannah Dunson
Savannah Ritchie
Shawnta Jones
Skye Foster
Sonya Shell
Sophia Edelman
Sophie Redmond
Stacey Fletcher
Stefan Remshagen
Sunny DeMartino
TaMaya Glenn
Tee Wiggins
Theresa Sirios
Thomas Harris
Thomas Svegl
Tiffany Landrum
Tracy Wiggins
Trania Wilson
Travis Glory
Tyler Richardson
Victoria O’Campo
Vita Pauley
Wade Tate
Wavie Daniel
Zaccary Priest
Zach North
If you are not on the list and thought you should be, how did you pay? (Cash, check, credit card) Please email barryandmer@bellsouth.netwith any discrepancies.
Information regarding payments and trip details should be out soon. Thank you for your patience!
Thank you!
Ms. Menendez

Jazz Band Call time and DHB

Good evening,

Jazz Band call time (in their band polo) is at 8:10AM tomorrow in the Solarium. Performance at the MAC should be done around 9:45. Check in with homeroom teacher first.

DHB students need to put luggage in band room in the morning. Students will be called from class at 11:45 to report to band room. Bus picks us up at noon and we will then depart for District Honor Band! We will eat lunch somewhere along the way so make sure that students are prepared for that.

Lunch and dinner for each day is on students, hotel provides breakfast.

Please read over one more time about DHB information.

DHB 2018 Itinerary (1)

Tomorrow is going to be fantastic!

Please keep our next concert on your radar. Pre-LGPE concert at the MAC.

6:30 PM Tuesday, February 27th. 

-M. Menendez

Jazz Band Added Rehearsal & More

Good evening,

I want to first state that we have added a Jazz Band rehearsal for tomorrow in preparation for our performance during a school assembly on Thursday morning. The jazz band will play a 5 minute or so piece this Thursday at the Black History Month Assembly so we want to make sure that we sound fantastic.

Jazz Band will rehearse this week on Monday the 12th and Wednesday 14th from 3:30-4:30. Uniform for the performance is the band polo and any pants and shoes.

This week we leave on Thursday for District Honor Band! Students may want to read through the packet again to make sure that they have packed all essentials for the trip. Remember that we will transport the kids to Ringgold but that the parents will need to be there on Saturday to bring them home. Students will wear their band uniform at their DHB concert on Saturday (all black).

Info is attached below:

District Honor Band Information 2018

Jacket Order Forms will be handed out tomorrow. As usual, this is not a fundraiser for our band program it is just a way for kids to show spirit and pride.

If your student is participating in band at the high school they will be required to purchase the Eddie Bauer jacket as part of their uniform. I highly recommend purchasing it this year so that you can take it off on some initial expenses once your kid is a freshman. Recommended for 8th grade but if your student is a 7th grader and wants to purchase it now I recommend purchasing a larger size so that there is room for growth. 

***Checks made out to Ozier Apparel***

I own three of the four jackets below and actually prefer the Eddie Bauer jacket. Zip-up pockets, removable hood and it is very warm! Ozier Apparel will put the logos on it for band on the front and back. I recommend getting the name stitched on the front.

AYP Cards are set to roll out the last week of February. You may want to start signing up some customers to purchase from our program. The cards will be $15 this year. More info to come soon

Carowinds: Your 8th graders will know how much they have paid so far for Carowinds this week. They will receive that total on Wednesday.

Yesterday our students came to the Junior High for a day full of learning, music and fun. I am so proud of the behavior and focus from our students and heard wonderful things from our staff who drove in to teach them. Thank you to the parents who assisted in setting up, cleaning up, monitoring, lunch and much more.

A special thank you to Mr. Carr and Mr. Bright who allowed us to use their instruments for our rehearsals.

Time together is valuable for our band program. Please continue to put these last few rehearsals left as a priority as we are only a month away from L.G.P.E. (March 13th for 7th grade and March 14th for 8th grade) and two weeks away from Pre-L.G.P.E. (February 27th at the Mabry Arts Center).

These performances allow us to grow immensely as a band program and are great opportunities to show our community what occurs in our music classrooms here at Carrollton.

Musicianship is important to our band program but being part of a team while showing dedication, commitment, and exhibiting good character is of upmost important to me. Your students are growing so much through participation in this band program and not just in a musical way!

I love these sweet kids and the supportive community that we are a part of.


Ms. Menendez

Symphonic Camp tomorrow 8:45AM

CJHS Symphonic Camp 8:45 AM-12:00 PM *Mandatory*

Located at CJHS

Students report at 8:45. Instruction begins at 9 and ends at noon. Fellowship time including food, music and games from 12:00-1:00. (This fellowship time is not mandatory, only the three hour camp is). 

We are having an incredible set of staff members drive in to teach our students. Attendance is mandatory so please let me know of any conflicts.

Volunteers to hand out food and monitor during fellowship time are needed. Please report to the cafeteria at 11:00AM.

Students may bring in outdoor equipment to play with, extra food like snacks and desserts, sodas, video game systems (if labeled) and boardgames.

Tomorrow is going to be a BLAST!

See you then.


A Busy week!

Good morning,

We begin our normal rehearsal schedule this week with our 7th and 8th grade rehearsing after school for one day each.

Tuesday: 7th Grade band until 5:00. Mandatory and for a grade

Wednesday: Jazz band until 4:30

Thursday: 8th Grade band until 5:00 Mandatory and for a grade

Saturday: Symphonic Camp 8:45 AM-12:00 PM Mandatory and for a grade

Students report at 8:45. Instruction begins at 9 and ends at noon. Fellowship time including food, music and games from 12:00-1:00. (This fellowship time is not mandatory, only the three hour camp is). 

We are having an incredible set of staff members drive in to teach our students. Attendance is mandatory so please let me know of any conflicts.

Volunteers to hand out food and monitor during fellowship time are needed. Please let me know if you are available on Saturday to help!

Progress reports: If your student has less than a 100 then their progress report must be signed and returned.

This week will be a blast followed District Honor Band next weekend! Make sure if you are participating in DHB that your hotel money has been turned in.

District Honor Band Information 2018


Ms. Menendez