CMS 6th Grade Band

3-30 After-School Practice Session with CHS Band Members

A very successful Monday practice session was held this week! We were fortunate enough to have our high school band director, Chris Carr, along with his leadership candidates down here helping our middle school students. His students are in the middle of a their weekly leadership clinics that will end with an interview for a position as a leader in the CHS Trojan Marching Band. We hope that they gained some valuable experience in teaching others. The sixth graders spoke very highly of the experience and  gained not only knowledge on their instrument, but encouragement to become better musicians and Trojan Band members. We are so thankful for the high school band directors for their assistance in the younger grade levels and for ensuring that all of the band programs in our school system are held to the Gold Standard.

Enjoy some pictures below!

6th Grade After-School Practice Sessions

Good morning,

Our 6th grade after-school practice sessions will resume beginning tomorrow, March 23rd. These will occur every Monday until the end of the semester. All students who would like extra instruction or opportunities to raise their band grade are encouraged to attend. The students will report to the band room after school and will practice until 4:15. The students will  then be walked to the bus loop outside of the gym doors to be picked up by their rides.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students who have large instruments that are difficult to bring home!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Monday After-School Practice Sessions

Good morning,

We have decided to pause our sixth grade after-school practice sessions until after our Large Group Performance Evaluation has occurred. This will allow for the directors to assist at the Junior High and the High School in preparation for these important performances. We are scheduled to resume Monday, March 23rd.


Ms. Menendez & Mr. Huls

Cancelled After-School Monday Practice Session

Good morning,

I have decided to make the call to cancel our after-school practice session today for the sixth grade students due to a heavy cold that is coming on for me. I do not feel that working with your students individually would be the greatest idea during this contagious period. They will be reminded to call home if needed to make sure that they have the correct transportation worked out.

Thank you for your understanding!

-Maria Menendez

Monday Practice Sessions

Hello 6th grade parents,

We are extremely excited to begin our Monday afternoon practice sessions! This is a once a week practice time available for all sixth grade students.  It is a great opportunity for some extra individual attention, whether it is for a student who feels behind or a student who would like an extra challenge.  This is also a wonderful practice opportunity for students who share school instruments.

We will begin these Monday practice sessions this upcoming Monday the 24th, and will continue on until the end of our school semester. The plan is to keep this going year round! Students are asked to report to the band room after school. They will practice and rehearse with Ms. Menendez and possibly other instructors until 4:15.  The band student pickup will be in the bus loop by the gym door.  Ms. Menendez will walk all of the students outside and wait with them until their ride has arrived.  Please make sure that if your student is going to stay after, that they have a ride home.

We really encourage your students to participate! Not only can they learn to play their instrument at a higher level, but they can learn to work as a team and teach each other as well.

Your 6th grade students have exceeded our expectations so far this semester.  They are a wonderful, hardworking and kind group that is a joy to teach every day. Thank you for all that you do.


Joe Huls

Maria Menendez