Month: October 2019

Rehearsals This Week and More!

Good evening,

This week at a glance:

Monday: 7th grade after school rehearsal until 5 PM *for a grade*

Tuesday: 8th grade after school rehearsal until 5 PM *for a grade*

Wednesday: District Honor Band after school practice until 4:15

Friday: Some of our students attend Reinhardt University’s Honor Band!


This week we will have our first after school rehearsals of the year for our 7th and 8th grade band. Please ensure that your student is at that rehearsal and that they understand that it is a grade. We only have one rehearsal to combine over 80 students together so it is a necessity that we have perfect attendance. This rehearsal is worth 30 points out of their 100 for this Fall concert. The Fall concert next week will count for the other 70 points. Students may not make up a missed rehearsal grade unless they have an excused absence from school that day. Out of respect for your time I have only scheduled one rehearsal for this concert and our Winter concert. Therefore there is more emphasis on the importance of this rehearsal since it is our only chance to combine our classes together. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Jacket Order

The jacket order will conclude at the end of this week! Please click on the link below to order your jacket. I love seeing our students showing off their Trojan Band pride and I own several of these jackets myself!


Our annual Carowinds field trip for 8th grade is going to be a blast! Please read the handout that was given to your students below. Remember that the non-refundable downpayment of $50 is due November 22nd.

Carowinds Information 2019 – 2020.doc

Trojan Band:


This season has been the most incredible yet! The parents went above and beyond and worked on getting as much as possible donated so that our band program could save money. On top of that, the students learned the most music that I have ever thrown at them and were complimented by many people on not only how they performed, but on how polite and flexible that they were. It truly takes a village and I am thankful for the parents, other band directors, and students who made this year such a success. Thank you all for everything! We had a blast!

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, November 4th: Cookie dough delivered

Tuesday, November 5th: Fall Concert @7. Student report time at 6:30 at Mabry Arts Center

Thank you for your constant support and I will see the students tomorrow.


Ms. Menendez

Important announcements

Good afternoon,

I have some exciting updates for you all!

Congratulations to following students who were nominated and accepted into the Reinhardt University Middle School Honor Band and the University of Georgia Middle School Honor Band! Students were nominated based on grade, chair placement, and private lesson experience.


Emma Cook, Madelynn Cook, Connor Haley, Nate Langlo, Eden Long, Julian Redwine, Hagan Russell, and Sarah Scholl.

UGA MidFest:

Connor Haley, Justin Arnold, Hagan Russell, Sarah Scholl, Eden Long, Nate Langlo, and Emma Cook.


Pep Rally:

Our 8th graders have been invited to perform in the pep rally this Thursday during 6th block. Please ensure that they bring their white Trojan Band shirt to perform in. We have a game that evening so it is imperative that they bring their uniform.

Jacket Order

It is the time of the year to purchase your Carrollton Band jackets! These are customizable and are a great way to show your Trojan Band pride. Please ensure that you order from the following website (online orders only) and that you order the right size when it comes to Youth and Adult sizes. If your 8th grader plans on participating in high school marching band they may consider purchasing the jacket at the bottom (Eddie Bauer) since that is a requirement for high school band. It would be nice to knock some of next years fees off by purchasing that jacket early.

The jacket order will last until November 1st. Let me know if you have any questions.

1st Block Woodwinds:

Our woodwinds in our first block will have a quiz over their 8th note passages that we highlighted in class today. Please make sure that your student is practicing at home or that they practice tomorrow morning in Homeroom.

Let’s continue having a fantastic week!


Ms. Menendez

Announcements for the week

Good evening,

Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday: Optional DHB practice until 4:15

Tuesday: Optional DHB practice until 4:15

Wednesday: Optional DHB practice until 4:15

Thursday: Trojan Band Championship Game (Pick up time 7:30)

District Honor Band:

As I continue to balance conferences and working individually with our District Honor Band students I am providing three days out of the week for those who are auditioning to seek help and practice. Our conference schedule is much different this year and I am (for the first time) hosting conferences. Students may pick one day or stay for all three and work on their audition materials. We will focus on memorizing our scales and add in sight reading beginning this week. I appreciate your patience as I am balancing my different roles this year. If your student is auditioning it is imperative that you are hearing them practice at home. They should be working on four major scales, a chromatic scale, and a short piece of music as often as possible.

Trojan Band Championship

We are excited to host the championship this Thursday at Grisham Stadium! The students have asked to play for the entire game instead of just the first half. Students will still be fed at 6 PM and if they need to go home at that time they may.  Hopefully we can get most of them to stay the entire game to cheer on our Trojans to victory! Volunteers may contact me if they would like to help.

Fee Payment Form

You should have received a form if your student owes money for something in band. I appreciate your patience as I count thousands upon thousands of dollars each month. Our online Revtrak payment system is fantastic but often does not send me a receipt for your purchase. If I have missed something please notify me and I will correct it on my side. If you have missed something please work on paying off those fees at your earliest convenience.

Coming Up

Next Monday October 28th 7th grade after school rehearsal until 5 PM *for a grade*

Next Tuesday October 29th 8th grade after school rehearsal until 5 PM *for a grade*

Monday November 4th Cookie dough delivered

Tuesday November 5th at 7 PM Fall concert *for a grade*

Let’s have another wonderful week!


Ms. Menendez

Quick reminders

Dear all,

Please remember about our Trojan band game tomorrow. Make sure that students have their white shirts and hat. Pick up time is at seven.

Also, fifth block woodwind class has a test tomorrow for all sections but our low reed sections.

Have a great night!


Ms. Menendez

Weekly Announcements

Good evening,

Our schedule for the week is below:

Monday: No beginners after school (I will be assisting the high school marching band practice)

Tuesday: No District Honor Band after school (I will be assisting the high school marching band practice)

Wednesday: Optional day for District honor band or beginners to stay for help until 4:15

Thursday: Trojan Band Game. Volunteers needed

Legacy of Champions Band Competition:

Thank you SO much to the students and parents who volunteered on Saturday at our band competition. It was a huge success! The high school parents complimented our JH kids and parents all day! Thank you for stepping up and helping our high school program out and I will sign off on volunteer hours beginning Monday.

Cookie Dough:

Thank you for participating in our cookie dough fundraiser this year! We had a great turn out! Our cookie dough will be delivered on November the 4th so please let your customers know. The cookie dough will be delivered to the school and your students can take home the boxes that day to begin distributing them to their customers. Fundraisers keep our band going so I appreciate your participation!

Although we did not sell enough boxes to change my hair color, we did have some students who will get their name added into a drawing for our $200 cash prize or a lunch provided by Ms. Menendez. The drawing will occur on Wednesday morning at 8:10 AM.


Your students will be notified this week of any missing fees for the following items:

  • Band Fee
  • Percussion Fee
  • School Owned Instrument Fee
  • District Honor Band and All state Fee
  • Trojan Band Fee
  • New band polo replacement

Please be on the lookout for a form sent home and let me know if you have any questions about the missing fees.

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing our students tomorrow!


Ms. Menendez


Legacy of Champions Band Competition


Good morning!

If your student is volunteering at our band competition today you will need to drop them off at the high school band room. You will not be able to pull in due to that parking lot behind the Away stands being a bus loop entrance so it will be a quick drop and go. Make sure that your student has money for food, water, and sunscreen! It may be a long day for some of them.

Thank you again!


Ms. Menendez