Clarification and Reminders

Hello All,

Just wanted to remind my 7th and 8th grade parents about after school rehearsals this week. 7th grade is on Tuesday and 8th grade on Thursday. Please make sure that your child comes for the full length of rehearsal unless they are in a school activity or team, in which case they should be splitting time.

6th grade parents, I’d like to clarify a post about grades and extra help. The CMS band room should be open by around 7:40am each morning if students would like to get help prior to class starting at 8:10am. Students may come in at that time to get help if needed. The CJHS band room is open from 7:15 to 7:35am.

6th grade parents you may have noticed two categories in which your child does not have a grade entered. We will be teaching them their Eb and Ab scales and eventually those will need to be passed off. They are currently in the template for the gradebook but for most kids they will not show a grade yet.

Thanks all, keep selling those AYP cards !!!!!