Month: December 2017

Gifts for the Holidays!

Good morning,

I hope that you have had some restful time with your loved ones. As we jump back in I would like to recommend a few items to our students to help set them up for this semester.

Percussion (per Mr. Bright since you will begin working on 4 mallet technique this semester)

1 stick bag:


2 pair of yarn mallets: Mike Balter Medium Blue

Buy them on Amazon or

Before you are alarmed by the prices, I would recommend canceling your rental with whatever instrument company that you are currently renting from. From now on your student really only needs their mallets/sticks and a drum pad (which you can purchase at another time).  They can always practice at school on the mallet instruments as needed. You can purchase the above items and you will be set for a long time (unless a student breaks them).


A new box of Vandoren size 3 reeds. Go to and type in Vandoren size 3 reeds and your instrument name. Just make sure to double check that you purchase the correct size.


Valve oil, slide cream of your choice. Most work the same.

Having great equipment will allow your student to excel in class and will make sure that their instrument is working at a high level so that it does not hinder them in any way. The money will payoff down the road when your students are offered money to play in college and their resume is full of extra curricular activities likes band. (No, seriously. They will throw money at your kid!).


8th Grade: Trip meeting in 1/9 at 6:00pm (high school band room)
$50 Non-refundable Deposit due on 1/12


After school rehearsals begin 1/16 (7th) and 1/18 (8th). Check calendar for details. These are for a grade and are our only chance to combine to work on our music for Large Group Performance Evaluation. They end up being a blast because the students get to hear what the pieces sound like as a full band. Please make sure that you notify me of any conflicts. 

Carowinds Payment Due: 1/31/18 Make sure to pay your December one if you have not already.

Annual Symphonic Camp: 2/10/18 @ CJHS

We are blessed to have professionals visit our school so that they can teach our students on their instruments and as a full band in preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluation. *Mandatory* for all students and will end with a bash in the cafeteria including food, games and music. FYI: This event used to go from 8AM to 3 or sometimes 5 in the past. I have shortened the day drastically out of respect for your time on a Saturday. Let me know if you have any conflicts.

You may subscribe to our band calendar on our website so that the dates sync automatically to your phone.

Please let me know if you have any questions and know that I will send out weekly reminders for things as needed to help us all stay on track.

Much love to this wonderful band family and Happy Holidays!


Ms. Menendez

2018 Trip Announcement for CHS Trojan Band

Good evening,

We are delighted to announce that the CHS Trojan Band is awaiting final approval to perform in the Hollywood Christmas Parade next November in Hollywood, California. While we are finishing up some final details with the parade committee and the staff involved we wanted to inform you all of what we know thus far for this trip.
Highlights include:
Universal Studios
Admission into the Grammy Museum
San Diego Zoo
BBQ cookout at the beach
Marching in the Hollywood Christmas Parade (televised)
and more!
This is an incredible opportunity for the high school members which the 8th grade class of this year will be a part of next year! We want to go ahead and begin giving out information and taken in payments so that we can spread out the price as much as possible. It would be unrealistic for the freshman of next year to pay the entire trip in a few short months. Mr. Carr and Mr. Bright have asked me to inform you of the downpayment for the trip (to reserve the plane seats) and of our meeting at the high school band room on January the 9th that will go over the itinerary and cost layout for the trip.
 If you and your student are considering attending the trip next year (yes, we need chaperones) then we ask that you attend the meeting on January the 9th at 6:00pm. 
A $50 Non-refundable Deposit is due on January the 12th. Payment for the trip would be a great gift from loved ones during the holidays.
Get the lawn mowers ready and get ready to babysit 8th grade because you have the chance to travel across the country and make some unforgettable memories with your band family!
Trip meeting in 1/9 at 6:00pm
$50 Non-refundable Deposit due on 1/12
I will see you on the 9th!
(Don’t worry 7th grade, we have plans for you too in the next couple of years!)
-M. Menendez

District Honor Band Info

Good morning,

For those of you who have students who made District Honor Band, the dates for that event are February 15th to February 17th. As specific times comes out I will let you all know of them. We provide transportation and hotel to DHB but parents are expected to provide transportation back from the concerts on Saturday.

For the two students who moved on to the All State round, below is some info on those auditions.


-M. Menendez

Holiday Brass and Tuba Fest

Good evening,

50BEB87C-E44D-4419-8017-3D8BDB2056F9This is just a reminder about the concert at the AMP tomorrow that some of you may be interested in participating in or watching. At 2PM there will be a rehearsal for all musicians and at 3PM the concert will begin. It will be short but very enjoyable!


The CJHS Band room will be open at noon tomorrow for students who need to get their instruments for the concert.

-M. Menendez

Holiday Brass and Tuba Fest

Good afternoon,

What a fantastic concert last night! I am beaming with pride. We took some time today to listen back to the recordings and watch the videos and are ready to hit the ground running towards our next concert and concepts that we plan on learning. I am thankful for Patrick Glory and his hard work to make our concerts available to our loved ones who cannot attend concerts in person.

All live streams will be broadcasted from our CHS Trojan Band Facebook/Youtube.

This Sunday there will be the first annual Holiday Brass and Tuba Fest. The owner of Gallery Row Coffee on the Square asked for some band directors in the area to assist him with this and I have become a part of this new tradition as a conductor. On Sunday there will be a concert at the Amp. in Carrollton behind the Square. The rehearsal will begin at 2PM and the concert will begin at 3. The University of West Georgia will have a Tuba and Euphonium Ensemble for the first part of the concert and then anyone who is a brass player, regardless of agewill come on stage and play through some simple Christmas carols. It is meant to be an event that is low pressure and full of some beautiful music for our community to hear.

If your child is interested in playing then please have them at the AMP at 2PM on Sunday the 10th. If you are interested in coming and listening to the music and supporting the performers then please be at the AMP a little before to hear the concert.

Performers will wear Christmas colors. Bring your instrument but stands and music will be provided on site.

Gallery Row will have hot chocolate for us to enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope that our community can make this a wonderful tradition for Carrollton!


M. Menendez

DHB Results and Concert Tomorrow!

Good evening,


It is hard to find words that sum up how proud I am of these students pictured above. They took time before and after school for months and worked diligently to have a chance to perform in the District Honor Band in February. There are some missing from this picture but I just wanted to take a moment to brag on kids who have more courage than I do and who never cease to push the limits. I’m so proud of them!

Congratulations to the following for making District Honor Band!

Asha Brown
Maddie Rogers
Rommel Ramos
Marlee Noah
Hale’e LaChance
Giselle Salmeron
Jeffrey Garcia
Walker Willis
Lexi Laye
Ava Howard
*Jeb Jackson (First alternate on his instrument and will get to participate should someone call out).

Concert Tomorrow:


Report Time: 6:30

Concert Begin Time: 7:00

Volunteers needed: 4:00 (set up) 8:00 (clean up)

Uniform: All black pants, shoes, socks, and band polo. Shirt Tucked In

Please make sure that students stay for the entirety of the concert as that is part of their grade. We were done in under 45 minutes last concert and I am hoping for the same tomorrow night out of respect for your time.

Basketball cheerleaders will cheer for the girls game and then report to the band concert. Their coach has approved of this along with our athletic director. 

Thank you so much for juggling so many things and for allowing band to be of importance for one of our few concerts for the year.

I will see you all tomorrow night!


M. Menendez