CJHS 8th Grade Band

Summer Camps

Dear all,

As summer approaches, we would like to encourage your students to look at some options for summer band opportunities. Below are a few camps that are recommended by us and the surrounding community.

Sounds of Summer Music Camp:


University of Georgia Music Camp:


Music Camps listed on the Georgia Music Educators Association website:


Summer camps are opportunities for students to continue growing on their applied instrument as well as learn from professionals in our field, meet new friends, and perform music that they may not be able to perform anywhere else. It is a great way to keep your student encouraged and busy in such an enriching activity! If you look through these websites and have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. We would love to continue the strong tradition of high participation in summer music camps in the Carrollton band programs.

We highly encourage that you consider enrolling your student in a summer camp this summer!

After School Rehearsals this week.

Hello 7th and 8th grade parents, please remember that we are back on track with our usual weekly after school schedule.

Tuesday- 7th grade after school rehearsal 3-4:15pm

Wednesday- jazz band rehearsal 3-4:15.

Thursday- 8th grade after school rehearsal 3-4:15pm

Please remember to split time if your child is part of another after school activity.

Thanks all.

Cookie Dough Orders Due Tuesday Sept 23rd

Attention all band parents!

Tuesday is the turn in date for our cookie dough sale. Please make sure to follow the checklist for turn-in instructions:

1. Make sure your money is in an envelope and all check are made out to CJHS Band.

2. Make sure the money matches the order. Cross out any names or orders that are not included in total.

3. Add up all the money at the bottom and then total up all the boxes at the bottom.

4. For every 10 boxes you get a free box of the $15 variety. Please put “Free Box” in the name column and choose your $15 variety. Do not include the free box in your money total.

Please do not turn in your order late, I would like all orders in Tuesday.

Thanks all.

Trojan Band Schedule for Sept 18th

Same Schedule and Location as last week.

  • 3 – 4:30: Students may stay after school and walk with Mr. Huls to the HS band room.  Or they can go home and come back with a parent at 4:30pm to the HS Band Room.
  • 4:30 – 5:00: warmup and rehearse in the HS band room in uniform. Volunteer meeting time as well.
  • 5:30: Game starts in Grisham Stadium
  • 6:15: Eat pizza in HS Band Room
  • 6:45: Parent pickup at the HS Band Room.

7th and 8th Grade Chair Tests


Next week Wednesday we will begin our chair tests in class, this is both for seating position and for a grade in class.  Every student should be practicing diligently for this test at home.  If you are the parent of a tuba or baritone player please arrange for a ride this weekend or next week at some point to allow for your child to bring home their instrument.  The criteria are as follows.

8th Grade

All students will play there Bb, Eb, Ab, and F concert GMEA Scales and Arpeggios for a grade.

7th Grade

All students will play there Bb, and Eb GMEA Scales and Arpeggios for a grade. They will also

Please be active in joining us in this effort to make sure your child is prepared for this important evaluation.

Thanks for all of your support.


8th Grade Night Date Change

Hello 8th grade band parents,

Looking ahead at the calendar Mr. Carr had a great idea about our 8th grade night activities. He wanted the 8th grade students to come and play along with the high school band during our October 31st matchup against Sandy Creek High School. The rivalry and the atmosphere will be very exciting for the kids to be a part of.

We also have a few ideas about the 8th graders performance that will extend beyond just pre-game and maybe in to halftime. More info to be announced at a later date.

Please mark your calendar for our rehearsal to be after school with the high school band on October 30th from 6-8pm and our performance to be October 31st from 5-10pm.

Again this is for all 8th grade band members. Please mark your calendar.


Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kickoff

Hello all band parents,

Starting today we will distribute materials for our annual cookie dough sale. This sale will take place over 2 weeks and will be a great way for our students to help raise money for the band and also for their own personal band goals.

For 6th graders they can earn money toward their band performance polo shirts ($21), for every box of cookie sold the student will get $3 toward their shirt.

For 8th graders they can earn money directly toward their Carowind’s Spring Trip dues ($210), for every box of cookie dough sold the student will get $3 toward there trip.

There are also some other rewards for selling cookie dough, for every 10 boxes sold the student will receive 1 free box of cookie dough.

The fundraiser is simple, sell cookie dough by using the materials handed out in class, collect the money, turn it all in at once on September 23rd and 4 weeks later the shipment will arrive for you to pass out to your buyers.

The money raised in all of our fundraisers goes directly to support our band account which is used for repairs of school owned instruments, supplies and music purchases, and to pay guest teachers and clinicians to work with your awesome children.

Again the collection day is September 23rd for all bands. Please encourage your child to sell as much cookie dough as they can.