Month: March 2020

Important Updates on Trips and Money

Good afternoon,

Important Announcement:

Please watch video below.

Summary: Cancelation of both the Braves and Carowinds trip. I need to know where you would like for your money to go.

Options are:

  • Band fees for next year (junior high for 7th and high school for 8th)
    • typically around $40
  • District honor band/all state fees for 7th grade next year
    • between $5-$25
  • Carowinds payments for next year (7th grade)
    • Trip is usually around $220
  • Anything that you usually pay for in band that you would like to knock out.
  • You may also transfer Chattanooga trip reimbursement money (8th grade only)  to high school band trip or fees rather than being reimbursed.

Least favorable option is to have a check mailed to you. Our treasurer has to reimburse many people at the JH so if we can take some of that off her place she would appreciate that.  It is your money but I am just trying to make our treasurer’s job easier!

Please email me privately at with your answer.

Band Auditions: DUE APRIL 2nd

7th grade auditions are here in Google Classroom and listed as an assignment.
8th grade auditions are linked here —>
You must join the appropriate Google Classroom and submit your audition there.

8th Grade Percussion: Mr. Nelson is creating your audition right now. Go ahead and join the Google Classroom now and it will be posted shortly.

High School band trip to Philadelphia and Washington D.C.:

Downpayment has been extended to April 17th.
Payments online here —–>


To all:

  • Remember that I can take money that you have already paid and apply it to something of your choice!! Thanks for being flexible.
  • Make sure your classmates are on the CJHS Band Google Classroom because after Spring Break I will post assignments. Class code: 2eg77eh
  • OFFICE HOURS: I will host an office hour from 3-4 today for you to drop by and say “hi”, or ask any questions that you have. Click on the link below anytime between 3-4 PM to join.
    Link——-> you all.


    Ms. Menendez

Instrument Pick-up/Google Classroom

Good morning,

Welcome to week two! I have enjoyed getting to check in with some of our students through Google Classroom. Your student must join in order for us to continue our learning for the rest of the extended break. If your student does not have access then please have them contact me so that we can create alternate assignments.

The Google Classroom for all band classes is:  2eg77eh

Click the + symbol at the top of screen and click on “join class”.

Our chair tests have been posted and are due on April 2nd.

Field Trips:

Both of our field trips are in the air as of this moment. I am in contact with the Braves staff and the travel company that takes us to Carowinds and will update you as soon as I know something. Thank you for staying patient. In the event that we are unable to go and unable to reschedule, I will work on refunding us all or ask you if you would like to move that money to next year’s band fees, a future trip, etc.

Instrument pick-up:

Students who have not brought home their instruments may schedule a time with me to pick it up this week. Please contact me to set up a time.

Remember to sign up for Google Classroom and to knock out your classwork. I miss you all and hope to see you all in next month or so.


Ms. Maria Menendez

Google Classroom

Good morning and happy Friday!

I have enjoyed communicating with some of you through email or Google Classroom. I am glad to hear that you are doing well and are safe.

Students: Please check with your entire section and ensure that all members are on Google Classroom. I ask that section leaders contact me and inform me of who does not have access to Google Classroom.

The Google Classroom for all band classes is:  2eg77eh

Click the + symbol at the top of screen and click on “join class”.

Continue staying safe and enjoying your time with your loved ones.

I miss you.


Ms. Menendez

Google Classroom/Chair Test

Good morning,

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their time at home so far and that you all have started working on your classwork for school. I am not extremely knowledgable in all subjects, but I do know people who are and who are willing to help should you run into any problems.

We do not have any assignments for band but I would like to go ahead and post our chair test information.

If you are a brass or woodwind player your chair test is posted in Google Classroom.

Click the + symbol at the top of screen and click on “join class”. Your code is: 2eg77eh

If you are a percussionist your chair test is posted in Google Classroom.

Click the + symbol at the top of screen and click on “join class”. Your code is: lmyg3yt

I will communicate with our students through Google Classroom and will also post challenges, hangouts for questions, links to fun videos and website, and more!

Let me know if you have any questions and remember that you may text trbandhelp to 81010 if you need to contact me through Remind101.

Happy practicing!


Ms. Menendez



LGPE Cancellation and important info

Good evening,

As a preventative measure, Carrollton City Schools is cancelling all school and activities beginning Monday, March 16th. School will not be in session for two weeks. I am sad to say that Large Group Performance Evaluation has been cancelled as well. At this time there is not a make-up date planned.

To say that our students have worked hard is an understatement. If you could see what your students are asked to do in class each day you would be blown away by their work ethic and their perseverance. Students are asked daily to push themselves and their peers as well as reflect on their performance multiple times throughout class. They are asked to create and collaborate with other student in too many ways to count and are told many times what they are doing well, yet told more that I care to admit what they need to correct. Our band students are incredible and resilient individuals.

It saddens me that our 7th graders will only have one experience at LGPE (next year) and that our 8th graders will not get to experience their last one this year. I could not be more proud of the growth of the bands that I have seen during this concert cycle. Thank you so much for your support with the after school rehearsals, Symphonic Camp, and Pre- LGPE. Although we did not get to put a check mark on this concert, we did get to experience some beautiful music making with music that will stick with us for a long time. Please forward my pride to your students should they not attend school tomorrow.

Students will be asked to bring their instruments home tomorrow and may check back to this website for videos to watch, practice challenges, and more. Thank you for supporting their music education. 

On another note, there will be students who will be without for these two weeks. For some of them it may be the free food that they received at school. For others it may be transportation to certain places or even someone to keep them safe as their loved ones are at work. I am going to ask all students tomorrow to fill out a questionnaire regarding their needs for this two week break. It will be filled out in private and I will be the only individual to read it.

If you know a student who is in need during the two week break please contact me directly at

I also ask that you encourage your student to privately ask their friends if there are any needs as I assume most students will be too shy or embarrassed to ask me for help tomorrow.  Let’s use social media and technology in a positive way to ensure that our Carrollton family is taken care of during this break.

Please stay safe and have your student reach out to their friends to make sure that they are covered.


Ms. Maria Menendez

High School Band Trip to Philadelphia/Washington D.C.

Good evening,

The high school band website has added a section for the upcoming trip. Please click on the following link for information.

Please make note that the non-refundable deposit is due April 1st. Students may pay through the high school Revtrak link or may drop off their money in the CJHS drop box. Cash and checks written out to “CHS Band” are permitted.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ms. Menendez

Rehearsals this week and LGPE Schedule

Good evening,

I hope that you are enjoying the sun today! It has been a beautiful day compared to the rainy days we have had recently. We have our final rehearsals this week in preparation for LGPE next Tuesday, the 17th and are still working to sell AYP Cards.

Monday: 7th Grade Rehearsal until 5:00 PM

Tuesday: 8th Grade Rehearsal until 5:00 PM

Wednesday: Jazz Band until 4:15

Thursday: Optional day for pass offs after school until 4:15

Friday: Jazz Band at 7:30 AM

LGPE Schedule:

Assuming that our busses are available at the proposed times, this is our exact schedule for March 17th. Please ensure that your student has their proper attire for all concerts. Performing at a state adjudicated event in improper attire will not reflect the maturity and excellence of our groups. If your student is missing dress shoes (no tennis shoes/converse/vans) or dress pants (no jeans or leggings) please inform me as soon as possible of their size. I will ensure that attire is purchased for them before LGPE. Do not ever hesitate to reach out if your child needs help in any way.

March 17th: LGPE

7th Grade:

12:00 Report to band room (rehearse)

12:20 Load trailer

12:30 Lunch provided (pizza, chips, and water) *Volunteers needed to help serve*

1:15 Depart for Performing Arts Center (775 Old Newnan Rd, Carrollton, GA 30116)

1:30 Arrive at PAC and unload

2:00 Watch Stewart Middle School band perform

2:30 Warm up

3:00 Performance  We would love to have you in the audience. No price for admission.

4:00 Depart for CJHS

4:15 Arrive at CJHS

8th Grade:

3:45 Dinner *Volunteers needed to help serve*

4:30 Load trailer and bus

4:45 Depart for Performing Arts Center (775 Old Newnan Rd, Carrollton, GA 30116)

5:00 Arrive at PAC and unload

5:45 Watch Central Middle School perform

6:15 Warm up

6:45 Performance  We would love to have you in the audience. No price for admission.

7:45 Depart

8:00 Arrive at CJHS

The students have been working so hard for this concert. We want for Tuesday to be everything that we have dreamed of. Thank you for your constant support and please fill up the Performing Arts Center for our students!

AYP Cards:

We still have AYP cards to sell! Please aim to sell as many as you can until we run out. We are aiming to make as much profit as possible from this fundraiser so that we can purchase new music stands for our Junior High band. I will let everyone know when we run out. Sell away!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


Ms. Menendez

Weekly Announcements

Monday: Jazz Band party after school for those able to attend until 4:30

Tuesday: Jazz Band trip to Georgia Aquarium!

Wednesday: Jazz band after school until 4:15

Friday: Jazz band rehearsal 7:30 AM

Good evening,

Last week was absolutely packed! I am so thankful for all that our students do. We had a wonderful concert on Tuesday in order to prepare for LGPE on March 17th (schedule coming soon), had jazz band perform at the Black History Assembly, and had a guest artist come and speak with all of our classes on Friday.

This week is a more relaxed week and I look forward hearing the Jazz Band perform at the Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday!

Jazz Band Field Trip:

Estimated Times:

Report to band room from 1st block: 9:00 AM

Depart: 9:30 AM

Arrive at the Varsity: 11:00 AM

Enter Georgia Aquarium: 12:00 PM

Explore Aquarium: 12-2:30 PM

Perform: 3:00 PM

Depart for home: 4:00 PM

Arrival at CJHS 5:30 PM

Students will dress the same way that they did during the assembly. Nice pants (no jeans or sweats) and a nice shirt or dress. No tennis shoes for the performance please. Students will have time to change before the concert at the aquarium so they may want to bring a small bag so that we can change from comfortable clothes to our nice clothes before the performance. I will contact the Aquarium tomorrow to ensure that we will be allowed to bring in bags and will have restrooms to change in before we perform.

Please have your student bring enough money to eat at the Varsity and to buy souvenirs if they would like.


Our AYP fundraiser is in full swing. Please aim to have each student sell five cards so that they can earn one for free and so that we can reach our goal and purchase some more music stands! Our band is getting larger each year and we are struggling to get through rehearsals with the amount of music stands that we have.

Have you shared this on social media? Cards are $15 each!

AYP Merged

The fundraiser will end once all of our cards have been sold. 8th graders earn $3 towards their Carowinds trip with each card sold. Thank you so much for participating!

UGA Double Reed Day:

Lily Honeycutt participated in the University of Georgia Double Reed Day this weekend. She learned from guest artists, played in a double reed ensemble, and went to classes concerning music careers and bassoon maintenance. I always love when students learn from other teachers and musicians because they come back to our band as more knowledgable musicians. We look forward to hearing all about it on Monday. IMG-2279

If your student still has not submitted their Braves Game field trip form, an email granting permission will suffice. I need a final roster so that I can purchase our tickets this week. Please get the forms or an email sent to me ASAP.

Braves Trip 2020


Ms. Menendez