Month: December 2015

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Thank you again for a fantastic semester. I hope you enjoyed the concert last night, I felt very proud of all three grade levels. 

Please be sure to check your calendars for next semester as we approach festival season. 

I wish you all the best during the holiday season and I look forward to coming back and getting started in January. 

Thanks again

Mr. Huls

Volunteers for Tonight

Hello All,

If you are willing to be a volunteer to pass out programs, monitor a warm-up room or backstage or even help setup please come to see a director as soon as you arrive tonight.

Setup time:  3:15pm at the MAC

Volunteer report time:   6:30pm at the MAC


6th grade band:  Report at 6:30pm in full uniform, shirt tucked in, and go  directly to the stage, big cases put them backstage.

7th grade band:  Report at 6:45pm in full uniform, shirt tucked in, to the warmup room backstage right.

8th grade band:  Report at 6:45pm to the audience area reserved for you on the right side, in full uniform, shirt tucked in.


Please collect your child’s cell phone prior to the performance.

Please do not hold up iPads or cell phones during the performance to record video or audio it is distracting to those behind you.

Please remember to be silent during the performances, this is a formal event not a sporting event.  The students deserve a quiet environment to make music in.  Please leave the auditorium if you have a crying child as we are recording audio.

PARKING:  Remember parking could be a challenge for everyone so arrive early, and be patient.

Thank you all for your support, we look forward to performing for you this evening.


Concert Monday Night

With our 8th grade after school rehearsal today we put the finishing touches on our concert music and we are all set for an awesome performance next week. Here is some information to keep in mind as you prepare for next Monday night:

Arrival Information

6th grade band: arrive at 6:30pm in full uniform, shirt tucked in. Report to the stage. 

7th grade band: arrive at 6:45pm in full uniform, shirt tucked in. Report to the warm up room backstage right. 

8th grade band: arrive at 6:45pm in full uniform, shirt tucked in. Report to the front right seats to watch 6th grade perform. 

Volunteer Information

We will need several parents to come help setup after school at the MAC at around 3:15pm. We will also need everyone’s effort to pack up after the concert is over. 

Parking Information

This will be the first concert without the use of the high school parking lot directly in front of the MAC. That is where the new HS is being built. All parents will need to park across the street in the new lower parking lot. The gym and tennis court parking will most likely be pretty full due to basketball game at the HS gym. Please plan ahead and arrive a little bit early. 

Concert Expectations

My expectation for all those watching the concert is that all of the bands will stay for the entire time and enjoy the entire performance. Please do not leave early.

Please collect your child’s cell phone. Be adamant about holding onto it for them, it becomes a distraction when the students are in the audience and should be watching and listening the other bands. 

Please be extremely quiet throughout the performance. We want to create a formal, quiet environment where music can be created. We also record all of our performances for reflection in class. 

When we all work together we can create a great environment for our kids to show off. 

I cannot wait to see you there Monday night. 

District Honor Band Results

I am proud to announce that we have 8 students that made the District 7 Honor Bands. 

  1. Anna Lowry 
  2. John Robert Ray
  3. Ben Bradley
  4. Austin Schumann
  5. Savannah Richie
  6. Lily Robinson
  7. Mason Dill
  8. Jadyn Dortch

All of our students did a fantastic job preparing and represented our school and band well at the audition.  I am so proud of every student that prepared for this event you have all improved so much. 

Good Luck Tomorrow

We have 35 students auditioning for district honor band tomorrow. I wish them good luck, play confidently, be respectful to the judges and do your best. Whether you make the band or not you have already made me proud. 


  1. Remember to register and pick up your judges sheet. 
  2. Warmup in the gym, not too much. 
  3. If you need a repair or supplies there will be a repairman in the gym. 
  4. Then find your hallway and play the best you can. 

Thanks all and good luck.