Month: December 2019

Carowinds/Instruments/District Honor Band

Good evening,


The next payment for all chaperones and students of $50 is due tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions.


All students should bring their instruments home tonight unless they are participating in Jazz Band tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. No instrument should stay here over break. Tuba players are to arrange rides or speak with me if their instrument needs to be dropped off.

The second full week back from school is our next chair test. Students will have 1 minute to play as many scales as they can and will play a short etude. The date of the chair test is January 16th during class.

District Honor Band:

If your student has been awarded a spot in the District Honor Band then they will need to submit $70 at their earliest convenience to pay for the hotel. Students will be bused the morning of February 13th and will be under our care until Lunch on Saturday the 15th of February. Our hotel is a wonderful hotel and will provide breakfast for us each morning. Students will be taken to and from all meals and rehearsals until they are met by their parents Saturday. A very detailed outline is set to come out soon but please be patient as this trip is in coordination with the high school and Upper Elementary band programs. All Carrollton kids will travel together and will have a blast with the four band directors in Ringgold, Georgia in February. Keep those dates on your radar and stay tuned for information soon!

Have a wonderful time with your family the next two weeks and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


M. Menendez

Carowinds Roster

Good morning,

This is my roster as of this morning. The following people are attending the Carowinds trip. Please let me know as soon as possible if you see any mistakes.



Cayte Ellison
Kim Jones
Sparkle King
Amanda Haley
Andrea Maxwell
Jennifer Braswell
David Trumble
Chris Carr
Zachary Nelson
Ashley Soulsby
Jennifer Schelp
Amanda Akin
Beth Scholl
Laura Malmquist
Chad Cook


Akin, Madison G
Arnold, Justin R
Balega, Peter W
Barber, Makailey S
Biggs, Emma G
Blackmon, Derrek L
Blanks, Lilly D
Braswell, Austin J
Bui, Bryan
Cabrera, Javohn M
Chandler, Christian P
Charles, Amaya J
Collins, Ruthie L
Cook, Emma C
Cook, Madelynn M
Curry, Zyesha J
Edwards, Alanna K
Ellison, Glenn R (Reece)
Freeman, Shanice D
Frye, Thomas K
Garcia Dominguez, Jasmin
Gay, Ethan L
Gilbert, Demarcus J
Glenn, Nya A
Gonzalez-Gabriel, Frankli Y
Gosa, Sade L
Griffin, Lleyton E
Grimes, Gideon M
Haley, Connor B
Hernandez Orellana, Joel E
Hewett, Mckenzie
Holland, Kaitlyn E
Holtzclaw, Jonathon C
Hull, Ali K
Hunter, Henry L
Hutcheson, Mary Elizabeth S
Johnson, Isabella L
Johnson, Joshua P
Jones, Destiny R
Jones, Taylor A
Jordan-Ervin, Kanate R
Langlo, Nathaniel H
Larson, Ian B
Lewis, Caleigh I
Long, Eden B
Lowry, Allison P
Malmquist, Eric D
Maxwell, Taylor G
Mazariegos, Steve
McKenzie, Ashton O
McClellan, Kaylani
Mejia-Carias, Cristofer J
Mitchell, Leah C
Morales Cabrera, Jaden M
Newsome, Samson C
Ordonez Vazquez, Alexander Y
Parrish, Gabriel E
Perez-Hernandez, Brandon A
Piedra Zamora, Marlyn
Price, Porter W
Redwine, Julian L
Remshagen, Kai K
Reyes Rivera, Eivy M
Richards, Spencer M
Rowland, Jackson T
Russell, Hagan G
Santos-Martinez, James W
Scholl, Sarah E
Smith, Alexis-Nicole L
Speck, Bryleigh O
Spoon, Tristan B
Stagliano, Nathan E
Stone, Tyler A
Studymine, Krislynn F
Terry, Landen S
Umiamaka, Ganon A
Vallecillo Lopez, Cesar E
Walker, Rhet H
Ward, Gavin A
Ware, Nevaeh A
Washington, Taejsha M
Watts, Madison L

Also, I am desperately looking for sponsors for students who are unable to make some or all of the payments. If you know anyone who is willing to sponsor a student for the trip or part of their trip let me know please!


Ms. Menendez

Schedule for the week

Good evening,

Our concert this past Tuesday was unbelievable! The students sure do know how to show off! I am proud of how they come into class daily and demonstrate their understanding that becoming the best version of ourselves takes hard work. It also takes dedication and mental toughness in which the exhibit in class. I can hear and see the students growing in so many ways and am so thankful that they continue allowing me to push them to where I know they can go! Thank you for attending the concert and I hope that everyone enjoyed it.


UGA MidFest Honor Band:

Seven of our 8th grade students traveled to Athens, Georgia to participate in the UGA MidFest Honor Band. The students auditioned well and had a great time playing beside new friends. They learned from the guest conductors and saw multiple performances including the University of Georgia’s Wind Symphony. Enjoy some photos in front of the school of music. Congratulations!


The next installment of $50 for the Carowinds trip is due this Friday. On Friday all students and chaperones should have $100 paid towards their trip. You may pay with cash, check (written out to CJHS BAND) or online here —-> Revtrak Online System

Tomorrow evening I will post a final roster of all of those attending the trip before sending a check to the travel company to secure our spots. Please stay tuned for that roster tomorrow and make sure that all is correct.

There will be NO after school rehearsals this week. Jazz Band will rehearse on Friday morning at 7:30 AM as usual and I will work with our students who are auditioning for All State individually after school. If your student is auditioning for All State please contact me so that we can pick a day this week to work on some sight reading and the second etude.


Have a wonderful evening!


Ms. Menendez

Band Concert Tomorrow

Good afternoon,

Just a quick reminder about our Winter Concert tomorrow at the Mabry Arts Center. The students should report at 6:30 and the concert will begin at 7:00 PM.

Students are expected to wear black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks, and their black band polo.

For each student to receive full credit they must attend the entire concert, in uniform, and assist in cleaning up the stage. The concert should conclude around 7:45 PM. Thank you for your support.


Ms. Menendez

Concert Attire Donations Needed

Good afternoon,

Below are some needs for some of our students for their concert uniform. Before I shop in the community I wanted to see if anyone had these items at home that they would be willing to donate:


Black Dress Pants: size 14

Black Dress Shoes: size 7.5 and 8 (two separate students)


Black Dress Pants: size 38

Black Dress Shoes: size 10.5

District Honor Band:

Below is the schedule for tomorrow for those of you auditioning for District Honor Band:

Students should consider bringing a CJHS music stand with them or a portable music stand for the warm up room. 

The bus departs at 11:00 from the JH school Saturday morning. Please make sure that your student has all of their music and their instrument with them. Students may not wear jeans and need to dress at least business casual for this audition.

Students will need about $10 for lunch at a pizza buffet on the way home if they plan on riding the bus back.

I am hoping that the students will be home earlier than 5:30 PM. The students will be in contact with you when they are leaving the pizza buffet so that you can have an accurate time to pick them up from the JH school.

The actual Carrollton audition time is at 2:00 but since I am set to work in the warm up area that Saturday I will try to push our kids through a little earlier so that they can go home sooner! Students riding separately need to arrive around 12:45 for a quick warm up and then get in line around 1:15.

Address: (different address than last year)

Cartersville Middle School

825 Douthit Ferry Road

Cartersville, Ga 30120

I am SO proud of all of the students who practiced since August for tomorrows audition. You have grown so much! I will see you there.

-M. Menendez

Carowinds Deposit/Concert Uniform

Good afternoon,

I am currently looking for 4 more chaperones for our Carowinds trip in May. The information is attached below. The current chaperones that I have listed are:

Cayte Ellison
Kim Jones
Sparkle King
Amanda Haley
Amanda Maxwell
Jennifer Braswell

The price is $150 for chaperones and $220 for the students. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to chaperone.

Carowinds Information 2019 – 2020.doc

Also, if you have not paid your downpayment for your student I need that as soon as possible to enroll them on the trip.

A blue form was sent home this week asking if your student needed any assistance finding black dress pants or black shoes for our concert on Tuesday. Please email me individually if your student has any needs so that I can get that covered.

Please contact me with any questions at


M. Menendez