Month: April 2020

Marching Band Meeting Errors

Good evening,

I am so sorry for the multiple emails today. If you are still unable to get into the meeting use your student’s trojanstudent account. Since Mr. Carr is using his work account it is trying to block non-Carrollton City Schools students and parents.

We are recording the meeting and will post it on our website afterward.

-M. Menendez

Marching Band Meeting Tonight at 6 PM

Good morning,

Here are some quick updates:

1. High School Band chair placements posted here:

2. High School Marching Band Meeting tonight at 6 PM
Required for all of those wishing to march in the Fall. Please have at least one representative from your family in on this meeting.
+1 385-645-7047‬ PIN: ‪367 835 234‬#

3. Recruit your friends for color guard!


4. High school marching show announcement:

I will see some of you tonight online!


Ms. Menendez

Last week of school announcements

Announcements for the week:

This week:

Tuesday: Menendez Office Hours @1 PM

Wednesday: Optional Music Lecture on music around the world @3 PM

Thursday: High School Marching Band Meeting @6 PM. Required for all of those wishing to march in the Fall.

Please have at least one representative from your family in on this meeting.
Join by phone: +1 385-645-7047‬ PIN: ‪367 835 234‬#

Friday: Absolute last day for the chair test to be submitted.

Chair Test:

I am still tracking down some people for their chair tests. Please submit those ASAP. Without it, you will have a zero for Quarter 4 and that will average out to a 50 for this semester with Quarter 3.

Contact me individually if you need to text the audio or video to my phone number.

School Owned Instruments:

If you play any of the following instruments and have completed your chair test, please return the instrument to the CJHS band room at your earliest connivence. The Junior High School is open around 8 AM each week day. Please do not leave the instrument outside should no one be there to let you in. Brass players need to remove as many valves and slides as possible and put them in a zip lock bag or grocery bag after being wiped down.

  • tuba
  • baritone
  • french horn
  • bari saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • bass clarinet
  • bassoon
  • drum pad
  • practice bell kit
  • oboe
  • bass trombone

These must be returned by the end of the school year.

Stay safe and let’s knock out this last week of school!


Ms. Menendez

Trip meeting and high school band meeting

Good afternoon,

I wanted to clarify and give some updates on our two meetings for our 8th graders as they transition into high school band.

Washington D.C./Philadelphia Meeting:

This past Tuesday, the 28th, we had a meeting for those that missed the in-person meeting earlier in the semester. The information has all been uploaded on to the high school band website.

There is an error up top that states that the deposit is still due on April 1st but we have extended it to May 1st. 

High School Band Meeting:

There is going to be a rising 9th grader meeting for our band students a week from today on April 30th. I initially had it for this Thursday and corrected the mistake in our calendar, on Google Classroom, and on the website. Unfortunately some of you had already penciled in tonight before I found the mistake and fixed it. I apologize for teh confusion.

The meeting is on April 30th at 6 PM. The link to join the meeting is:

You may also join by phone:

‪+1 385-645-7047‬ PIN: ‪367 835 234‬#
This will be a fantastic time to ask all of your questions as we transition in a different way than normal into high school band. I expect for at least one representative from each family to attend if possible.

Chair Test:

Chair test grades are in the grade book.
If you see a zero but your child has turned in their test, please contact me.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Ms. Menendez

Important Announcements

Good afternoon!

Next Week:

Monday: Menendez office hours 1-2 PM

Tuesday: D.C./Philadelphia trip virtual meeting

Wednesday: Music lecture by Ms. Menendez 1 PM. (Discussion on music around the world! All students welcome)

This is all on the CJHS band calendar that can be found on the website. Links are posted here as well as on the actual even in the calendar. If you “subscribe” to the band google calendar than it will automatically load into your own personal calendar. That has been a lifesaver for me!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!!! I truly love all of you and felt so special on my big day! A few important announcements below:

COLOR GUARD: If you know an 8th grader who is interested in joining Color Guard please forward them the information in the flyer attached below. They do NOT have to have any prior experience in band or music or anything! PLEASE help me spread the word. Text them, call them, etc. The Color Guard is a part of the band program so if you love hanging with certain friends and want more time hanging with them, invite them to join color guard! It is an absolute blast. Most kids who love acting, performing, and dancing enjoy color guard.IMG-1361 (1)

WASHINGTON D.C./PHILADELPHIA TRIP: If you are an 8th grader and are traveling on that trip next year, make sure your down payment is paid by May 1st. We will have an online trip meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 6 PM. Link to join meeting is here:
Info on the trip is here —>

8TH GRADE INFORMATIONAL MEETING: You all have some very great questions about next year as far as schedules go, marching band, payments, auditions, and more. Please plan on attending this virtual meeting on Thursday, April 30th at 6 PM. Link to join meeting is here:

ALL STUDENTS: Make sure that your chair test has been turned in. Grades are being input. I do not have a date of the release of those tests yet because we are still collecting them. If you see people in your section who have not turned them in, help me contact them. One all are turned in we can post the results! Thanks for the help.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


M. Menendez


Good evening,

I hope that you all are continuing to enjoy your time with your loved ones. It seems that most of us are picking up new hobbies and putting time towards things that we have neglected in the past. I continue to be thankful to have my job and that our school system has our students still actively engaged in school for a couple more weeks after Spring Break.

Chair Tests:

Information has been posted in Google Classroom for both 7th and 8th grade.

Our class code is: 2eg77eh

7th graders will submit their chair test video (or audio if it is being very stubborn) to the Junior High Band Google Classroom.

8th grade will use their individual instrument’s Google Classroom to submit their chair test. 8th Grade Audition Information

Chair tests were due on April 1st. Please get these in as soon as possible if you have not done so already.


Liberty Tour 2021 Trip

Since we are out of school we will be accepting trip deposits until May 1. We understand that it is hard to imagine taking a trip with current situations, but by the time we take the trip, we will have overcome this new obstacle and will be in need of celebration! This is going to be a wonderful experience for all of our students, please sign up as soon as possible. We still have the ONLINE PAYMENT OPTION, although there is a service charge associated with online payment. Currently, this is the only method of accepting payments due to the “stay-at-home” order implemented by the Carroll County Board of Health and the City of Carrollton, but we will happily accept payments in person once we return to school.

So as a reminder – a $50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due by May 1, 2020 to secure your spot on the trip.

More info about the trip including the Make Me A Whole Person Fundraiser can be found on our trip page.

A reminder about refunds:

Unfortunately, both the Braves and Carowinds trip have been cancelled. I need to know where you would like for your money to go.

Options are:

  • Band fees for next year (junior high for 7th and high school for 8th)
    • typically around $40
  • District honor band/all state fees for 7th grade next year
    • between $5-$25
  • Carowinds payments for next year (7th grade)
    • Trip is usually around $220
  • *8th Grade* may pay towards their high school band fees ($300).
    • If you are interested in why the high school band fees seem high I will attach a link from the high school website. The information is not updated for next school year yet, but will give you an idea. Fundraising opportunities to help with fees are provided.
  • You may also transfer Chattanooga trip reimbursement money (8th grade only)  to high school band trip or fees rather than being reimbursed.

Good News:

I spoke with Mr. Thomaston about using some funds that we intended to use for LGPE to help out our community durning this time. I know that if school was in session that our students would have wanted to help out in some way.

One of our band parents own three SUBWAY locations. Earlier this week she had posted that she loved that people were ordering big orders for them to deliver to those who are working to keep us safe and healthy. Mrs. Demartino has worked with our high school and junior high school program in the past to give us discounted and healthy meals for our band students. I chose to use our money to donate 80 SUBWAY Meals to people who she felt needed the meals.


Thank you to Mrs. Demartino, her employees, and for those who are working so hard for our community.

Please contact me individually if you all would like to do this again next week. We can either support the same business or a different one. I would like to pull from private donations though since our budget for this has been used.

Please continue staying safe and let me know if I can assist you in any way.


Ms. Maria Menendez