Month: March 2016

Carowinds May 6-8th

Hello all 8th grade band parents. After speaking with my tour company and getting feedback from the students I have decided the best step toward keeping the trip on course with what we have planned is to go the weekend of the 6th – 8th. 

I had two students that could not switch to that weekend and we are going to get them a refund on the money they have paid. To switch it would be rescheduling far too many vendors and would ultimately make the trip not as fun for all. 
I want to sincerely appologize to you all for making such a large mistake. If you know me, I hope you have seen that I am very organized, this mistake has really been a tough one to swallow and one that I will learn from in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I certainly do have the best band parents in the world. 

Thank you again. 
Mr. Huls

Carowinds Trip Information Update


As I was entering in our rooming list today I noticed that my tour company has us going on our trip May 6th – 8th instead of May 13th – 15th as I have listed on my materials.

Please email me immediately at if you cannot alter your plans to the weekend of May 6th-8th.  I want to see how many people it will affect, we still could possibly have the option of going the 13th-15th but would have to check hotel availability.  Keeping it the 6th -8th would be our best scenario.

This mistake is 100% my fault, I apologize.

Mr. Huls


High School Band Auditions This Week

Just a friendly reminder that all 8th grade students have auditions for high school band this Thursday. 

I will be walking all students to the HS after school and they can warmup and audition.  If you would like to come later after school we will still be auditioning around 6pm, feel free to drop your child off at the band room. 

Please remember this is not for a grade and students should not feel intimidated. It will be a supportive environment where we can listen to your child and pick which concert band is going to be right for them. 

With around 200 kids to audition Thursday the future is bright. We are very excited about the opportunity to hear all of the up coming 9th graders and wish them luck in their preparation. 

50 Cards Left

Attention all band parents !!!

We currently have only 50 AYP cards left to sell, that means we have sold nearly 700 cards.  Get your final orders in ASAP.

If the need arises or you feel like you have a lot more buyers we can purchase some more cards to sell.  Email me if you have a large order.

Thank you so much for your support of our band program.

A Huge Thankyou

What a long day!!! The kids all did a wonderful job throughout the day today. The 7th and 8th grade student’s hard work paid off as they earned superior ratings from all judges both on stage and in sight reading. 

Thank you to all my parent chaperones, we couldn’t experience the kind of success we had today without you.  Thank You to all my fellow directors Chris Carr, Maria Menendez and Josh Robichaux for your help preparing the kids as well. 
Still a lot of school and a few more performances and events left this year. Stay tuned to the website and check the calendar. 

KEEP SELLING AYP !!!  We have 250 cards left. 

Thank you all again. I am one proud band director. 

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Hello all,

The rehearsals are in the books and now it is time to shine on stage. 

Please make sure your child comes to school in uniform tomorrow if they are in 7th grade. We will be pulling out as close to 8am as possible. 
8th grade students will be able to change at 1:10 when they arrive for class. They will have a short rehearsal with Mr. Carr and then load and leave as close to 3pm as possible. 

If you checked to be a chaperone we will need you. All others are welcome to come as members of the audience. 7th grade performs at 10:30am and 8th grade at 6:30pm. 

Thanks for all your support. I am very proud of all my students. 

Mr. Huls

Report Times for Chaperones

Hello all,

As I look at my chaperones who checked the box on the permission form or who emailed me it looks like we have 8 chaperones for each grade level. That is awesome !!!

7th grade chaperones should report at 7:45AM with your kids to the JH band room. 

8th grade chaperones should report at 2:30PM to the JH band room. 

I look forward to seeing you all Thursday.