Month: November 2017

District Honor Band

Good morning,

If your student is NOT riding the bus home from auditions, please let me know via email. I want for the chaperones to know who all is not coming home on the bus so that they can take an accurate roll call before leaving. Students may either:

1.Ride to and from with a parent

2. Ride there on the bus and back with a parent (with email consent)

3. Ride to and from on the bus

Students will need about $10 for lunch at the pizza buffet on the way home if they plan on riding the bus back.

I am hoping that the students will be home earlier than 5PM. The students will be in contact with you when they are leaving the pizza buffet so that you can have an accurate time to pick them up from the JH school.

The actual Carrollton audition time is at 1:15 but since I am set to work in the warm up area that Saturday I will try to push our kids through a little earlier so that they can go home sooner! Students riding separately need to arrive around 12:15 for a quick warm up and then get in line around 12:30.

The bus departs at 10:45 from the JH school Saturday morning. Please make sure that your student has all of their music and their instrument with them. Students may not wear jeans and need to dress at least business casual for this audition.


Excel Christian Academy

325 Old Mill Road

Cartersville, Georgia 30120


I am VERY proud of their work thus far and cannot wait to see how they do on Saturday!


M. Menendez


Schedule for the Week

Good evening,

I hope that you have enjoyed some time with your loved ones this past week! Below are some very important dates.

Tuesday the 28th: 7th grade after school rehearsal until 5. *mandatory

Wednesday the 29th: District Honor Band practice session until 4:45.

Thursday the 30th: 8th grade after school rehearsal until 5 *mandatory

Saturday the 2nd: District Honor Band auditions at Excel Academy. Bus departs at 10:45

Tuesday the 5th of December: Winter Concert. Report time 6:30. Concerts begins at 7. Mandatory for all students. 

Friday December the 15th: Carowinds payment due. $50.


If you are interested in some spirit wear the high school band has a wonderful online store that may interest you! Feel free to check it out at:

It’s time to push hard towards this concert and finish off a great first semester!


M. Menendez

District Honor Band/Carowinds List

Good morning,

District Honor Band Final Info:

Saturday December the 2nd: Bus departs at 10:45 from Carrollton Junior High School. Students need to bring $10 to stop at pizza buffet on the way home. Chaperone will check roll, ensure students have all instruments, and take guide them to their audition room once they are there.

If your student needs to leave right after their audition you may drive them separately. The bus is a convenience but not a necessity.

Audition location:

Excel Christian Academy

325 Old Mill Road

Cartersville, Georgia 30120

Carrollton is set to audition around 1:15. I recommend getting there around 12:15 if you drive separately. Students will warm up, run through their scales and etudes and then wait in line to audition. It is okay to try to wait in line early around 12:40 because the line may be long and that can get them out of there faster.

If you plan to drive separately please let me know!  I will be judging all day but I need to know what students are riding on the bus.


 Below is the roster for our Carowinds trip so far. If I have misspelled your name (chaperones) or if you see an error I need for you to let me know right away who or what I am missing. 

If you do not correct me now then I may not sign you up for the trip. 

Our next deposit of $50 is due the 15th of December. Go ahead and have that on your radar and don’t let it sneak up on you. I am flexible so please speak to me individually if you have any problems making that date.

Carowinds Roster  <———————————————- Check me!!!  (Pay here)


Thank you so much and I will post tomorrow with our upcoming dates that apply to the whole band. Happy practicing to the students!


Ms. Menendez

District Honor Band

Good evening,

District Honor Band help session is tomorrow at 11am but we will have it at the high school band room instead of the Junior High. It will end at noon. We will have it at the high school so that we do not mess with the alarm code at the Junior High school.

Let me know now if you have any questions!

-M. Menendez

Carowinds Online Payment/Holiday Practice

Good afternoon,

Here is the link to pay the Carowinds downpayment/commitment fee if you would like to pay online.

I am asking that all students make arrangements to bring their instruments and music home this Friday so that they can practice a little bit over break. I want for the students to rest and enjoy their time off but I also want for them to have a successful concert on December 5th. I have a few extra instruments for the tubas if they absolutely cannot bring their horn home on Friday since they ride the bus. Let me know if you need help making arrangements.

There will be an optional District Honor Band practice on Monday the 20th from 11AM-noon here at the Junior High. If you are still in town and would like for your kid to get some help for their audition then I will be here.

The date of the actual audition is December the 2nd and our school is slotted to go around 1PM for their auditions. I plan on having a lead chaperone guide the students on that day since I am required to be at the event all day as a judge. If you are interested in leading that small trip to the auditions please let me know. You would load the students on the bus, take roll before leaving, sign them in at the school, let them warm up and audition, then stop for some food on the way home. If you are interested it would help me tremendously. The school if gracious in offering a bus to and from the auditions so I hope that we can take advantage of it instead of each kid having to figure out their own ride.

Let’s have a great week and get the Carowinds money turned in for those 8th graders!

-M. Menendez


Good evening,

Congratulations to our eighth graders on a wonderful day of performances this Friday. It was a day full of great music and very thoughtful tributes to those who serve in the military.

Carowinds: $50 deposit due this Friday!! Please get that in as soon as possible.

DHB after school this Wednesday.

Report cards need to be signed and returned to me. Students may make up grades at any time.

One more week until Thanksgiving break!