Braves Game Info/Itinerary

Good afternoon,

I am extremely excited about our first annual Braves Game trip tomorrow!

Please go ahead and add the trip’s Remind. Text @cjhsbr to 81010 to get added to the Remind.

I recommend bringing at least $20 tomorrow for food, snacks, games, and souvenirs.

Chaperones have been assigned and will be introduced to their groups tomorrow.

If you must bring a bag it must be a drawstring bag or smaller. I prefer that students do not bring a bag if they do not really need one.

Jackets are recommended in case the rain ends up making an appearance. We will have a long walk to the busses and I don’t want that walk to be made worse if it starts raining.

Students may wear hats and school appropriate shorts if they would like. Please check the weather tomorrow morning to make an educated decision.

Below is the itinerary for the game tomorrow:

Report to CJHS cafeteria: 3:00 PM at the latest. Any earlier will help us get situated faster and on the road sooner.

Bus Departs:  3:30 PM

Arrival: 5:00 PM= With the help of chaperones, Ms. Menendez will hand out tickets at the gate to students. We will go through security and have time to walk around in our groups with our chaperone around the park. Take this time to make sure that you eat dinner and visit all of the incredible locations around the stadium! Students MUST remain with their chaperone during this time.

Report to seats: 7:00 PM Our seats are in section 413. We have from row 3 all the way back in that section to ourselves. Seating is up to the students. First come, first serve!

Game starts: 7:20 PM Once the game starts students may only leave their seats in pairs after informing their chaperone. This will be for something quick like a visit to the restroom, refilling a drink, or purchasing a snack. Students must remain in their seats  and on our level (400’s) during the duration of the game.

Departs: 11:00 PM (Estimate: Depends on length of game)  When the game ends we will have students walk to the busses in as one large group with their chaperone. Ms. Menendez will always lead the group to and from the park.

Arrive at CJHS: 12:30 AM (Estimate: Depends on length of game)

If you have any questions you may contact me at my email or through remind.


Remind for the band program: @cjhstrband

Remind for the Braves Game: @cjhsbr

Have a great day and see most of you tomorrow!


Ms. Menendez