Month: December 2018

Audition Information/Carowinds Payments

Happy Holidays!

I hope that you all are resting and enjoying time with your loved ones. I have cherished my time to see family and am continuously thankful for them and for the Carrollton family that I have.

As we get closer to the Spring Semester I would like to remind my students about our chair test on Thursday, January 17th.

Students will have one minute to perform as many scales as they can. Students may use any rhythm but must include a full scale and an arpeggio.

7th grade students will then perform line 80 from their red book.

8th grade students will perform line 85 from their band book.

Please let me know if your student has any questions!

Happy practicing!

Carowinds payments for December are past due. If you have not paid that second installment please pay here –>>

Upcoming Dates:

February 4th after school rehearsal for 7th grade 3:30-5:00

February 5th after school rehearsal for 8th grade band 3:30-5:00

Saturday February 9th Symphonic Camp for both grades. 9:00-Noon.

*Required for all members*

February 14th-16th District Honor Band in Ringgold, Georgia.  More info to come soon!

Continue checking our website on the band calendar for dates for the rest of the school year.

Stay warm!

-Ms. Menendez

Carowinds Roster Final Check

Good evening,

If you or your student are planning on attending the Carowinds trip I need for you to make sure that your name is on the roster shown below. I have to send in final numbers tomorrow to the company. If I left your name off please let me know ASAP.

Keep in mind the the second installment of $50 is due Tuesday the 18th. 

Revtrak Online Payments

Sponsors are still needed. If you would like to donate money to help cover the payment for another student who is unable to pay, please let me know. 

Peay, Adelia M Student
Ruiz, Roxana A Student
Drummond, Amelia D Student
Hernandez, Ediz A Student
Kessell, Kalynn J Student
Ortiz, Kelly J Student
Baker, Gracie R Student
Swafford, Rylea A Student
Goodwin, Giovanna M Student
Garcia-Galvan, Jeffrey Student
Patel, Jiya H Student
Vedrine, Wisgenda Student
Torres, Kloe’ T Student
Landrum, Myla L Student
Williamson, Ma’Kenna A Student
Jones, Davion J Student
Bigsby, Kennedy C Student
Bonner, Jasmine M Student
Duncan, Haley E Student
Johnson, Kimora A Student
Porter, Sidney E Student
Camp, Edward W Student
Moncayo, Nicolas J Student
Easterwood, Jacob A Student
Vinson, Antoinette K Student
Idlett, Kason M Student
Pate, Madison G Student
O’Hara, Rebecca A Student
Steed, Caroline V Student
Taylor, Alyrica K Student
Brown, Madison G Student
Phommasith, Kalan L Student
Willis, Walker E Student
Robinson, Jerry Clayton Student
Miley, John C Student
Jenkins, Ashlyn L Student
Olivieri, Enza S Student
Bradley, Lucas M Student
Basil, Matthew W Student
Ellison, Kaleb D Student
Ameer, Alishan Y Student
Schillinger, Zachary J Student
Payne, Emma L Student
Ackey, Jas’mine M Student
Adkins, Charles R Student
Guzman-Mejia, Martin J Student
Byrge, Kelsey S Student
Zimmer, Mark V Student
Daggett, Evan M Student
Ruiz Jimenez, Rene Student
Huett, Jack M Student
Ordonez-Aquilar, Robert L Student
Leeth, Haydon B Student
Collum, Brooklynn C Student
Glenn, Camoree J Student
Moore, Logan A Student
Smith, Ka’Mirra D Student
Padilla, Tristan A Student
Howard, Ava J Student
Dukes, Kanijah S Student
Garcia, Kevin D Student
Colquitt, Brantley L Student
Huggins, Terry S Student
Young, Kristin J Student
Hoberg, Emily R Student
Reid, Benjamin D Student
Capra, Angelina M Student
Stevens, Jackson E Student
Ellis, Chandler A Student
Mitchell, Kalise S Student
Stembridge, Lucas O Student
Jamro, Jazlynne J Student
Wilson, Michael J Student
Connie Easterwood Chaperone
Molly Camp Chaperone
Devondreale Williams Chaperone
Danielle Miley Chaperone
Jasmine Hopkins Arnold Chaperone
Katie Reid Chaperone
Tiffany Landrum Chaperone
Jennifer Schelp Chaperone
Ashley Soulsby Chaperone
Maria Menendez Chaperone
Chris Carr Chaperone
Neal Bright Chaperone
Leland Alexander Chaperone
Jon Buchholz Chaperone


M. Menendez

Carowinds/Concert Grades/Band Jackets

Good afternoon,

Wow! Last night was incredible! Thank you so much for coming and watching the students and for raising some great kids. They are responsible, respectful, professional, and helpful. On top of that they produce some beautiful music! They are growing in so many ways and I am excited to see where we go next. If you would like to watch the concert again or share it click here.

If your child has missed either the Fall Concert or the Winter Concert they MUST make up that grade. If they do not then their test grade is a 30 in the grade book. The rehearsal makes up 30 points and the concert is the remaining 70. If you know that they missed a concert help me stay on top of them to make it up.

Carowinds (8th Grade Only)

The next installment of $50 for the Carowinds field trip is Due December 18th. That is this upcoming Tuesday. Please ensure that we get that money in as soon as possible. You may pay online here –>

As of December 18th all chaperones and students should have $100 towards their trip paid.

If you are able to be a sponsor for any student or you know someone who is willing to donate money to help a student go to Carowinds please let me know.

Below is a PDF of the people that I have going on the trip. Please make sure that it is correct, especially chaperones!

Carowinds Payments

Band Jackets are set to come in this Friday!

All students including our tubas and baritones need to bring their instruments home for Winter break. Please coordinate a ride for that instrument to go home for break.

Have a great rest of the week!


M. Menendez

Winter Concert

Good evening!

There will be a two hour delay tomorrow for school as a result of the weather. The band concert is still on! The roads will be thawed out and we will be safe and cozy in the Mabry Arts Center tomorrow at 7pm.

Students may may wear red, white, green, an ugly Christmas sweater or their black band polo. Their lower half is their usual black dress pants and black shoes. Students may also wear a festive hat if they would like.

Report time @6:30

Concert begins  @7:00

There will be a livestream tomorrow evening for the relatives and friends who cannot attend the concert.

This is the high school band YouTube account that the concerts are live-streamed from.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Stay safe and warm!

-M. Menendez

District Honor Band Results

Congratulations to the following students on being awarded a spot in District Honor Band for the 2018-2019 school year!

Amelia Drummond

Jeffrey Garcia

Wisgenda Vedrine

Jiya Patel

Walker Willis

Eivy Reyes

Walker Camp

Haydon Leeth

Ava Howard

Hagan Russel

The following students received an alternate position which means that they would attend if an absence occurred from one of the middle school bands:

Sarah Scholl

Connor Haley

Caroline Steed

Congratulations to all of those who worked tirelessly to prepare for this audition (pictured below). I am SO proud of all of you and your hard work! Thank you for making yourself and our band better.



Ms. Menendez

Rehearsals this week

Good evening! A few quick reminders:

Rehearsals and Winter Concert:

Tomorrow: 7th grade after school rehearsal 12/3 until 5PM (required and for a grade)

Tuesday: 8th grade after school rehearsal 12/4 until 5PM (required and for a grade)

Next Tuesday: Winter Concert 12/11 Report time 6:30. Concert begins at 7PM

The next Carowinds payment is 12/18 and is $50.

Info on Carowinds time/date and more available here: Carowinds Information

Let me know if you have any questions!


M. Menendez