Month: December 2016

Almost Back

Hello All

I hope you are enjoying your break. As we get closer to next week, please make sure to bring your instrument and binder and any supplies needed to make music with you on Tuesday. I noticed a few students at the end of the semester had lost or misplaced their binders. 

Please be sure to have a 1 inch black binder with plastic sheet protectors next week as you will be getting lots and lots of new and exciting music to add to it. 

Thanks again everyone. Please be sure to check the band calendar for next semester. Both 7th and 8th grade bands have a lot of awesome band related practices, performances and activities.  And if you have some time please practice a bit before next week. 

See you Tuesday!!!

Thank you and Wrap up

Hello all,

Thank you again for supporting your children and our band program here at CJHS. I felt very proud after our performance last night. The kids did a great job. 

As we begin wrapping up the semester I want to make sure that you all check your grade book, and get anything made up before next week Wednesday. 

If your child missed an after school rehearsal or a performance they will need to attend 3 of my morning practice sessions. The band room opens at 7:45am. I will be out of town next week Wednesday – Friday before break. So their will only be 5 more sessions. 

Also the students begin chair testing this Thursday for festival seating. You should hear them at home working on their chair test material. I am going to try and get them done this week to allow the students to focus solely on academics next week for their benchmarks. 

I am so thankful for having such wonderful and supportive families. Thank you so much. 

Concert Expectations for Tomorrow

Hello All,

As we get closer to our performance tomorrow evening I want to let you know about some important expectations I put in place to make sure our concerts run smoothly and help to make the atmosphere enjoyable for all.

7th GRADE BAND MEMBERS:  Will report to the stage at 6:30pm for warm-up.  Flutes, Oboe, Clarinets can put their case underneath their chair.  All other wind instruments will need to put their case backstage and go straight to their seat.  No student should play until we play as a group.

8th GRADE BAND MEMBERS:  Will report to the auditorium reserved section at 6:45pm after they have put their instruments together.  Tubas will need to wait until the 7th grade is finished.  No student should play until we play as a group.

SEATING:  This year seating should be much better as we will not have the 6th grade band for our concerts.  This should make parking and seating a lot better, please DO NOT stand around the outside of the auditorium.  We will also be putting the band seating in the back of the MAC to allow for all patrons to sit on the main floor.

NOISE:  Please leave the auditorium if you have a restless child or noisy cough.  We do record all of our concerts for the students to listen to and reflect on.  We like to have the quietest environment in which to perform.

CELL PHONES:  Please take up your childs cell phone prior to the concert.  They will not need it for the duration of the concert.  Please silence your device as well, and please do not use it when the lights are dimmed.

ATTENDANCE:  It is imperative that everyone stay and support both 7th and 8th grade bands.  Please DO NOT leave after your childs band is finished.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  I am still looking for a host of people to meet after school at the MAC to help unload the truck at around 4pm.  Please email me if you can come help.

Thank you again for all of your support.


Congratulations to the following band members for making this years District 7 Honor Band:

Austin Schumann – Trumpet *

Peter Ivester – Trumpet

Katie Hoburg – Alto Saxophone

Nicholas Mansour – Alto Saxophone

Andrew Stagliano – Baritone Saxophone

Kayla McGuinn – Percussion

Hallie LaChance – French Horn

Savannah Richie – Flute *

Maggie Rowland – Flute

Mallorie Colquitt – Flute

Asha Brown – Flute

Molly McGrath – Clarinet

Lily Robinson – Bassoon (alternate)

Niani Redwine – Bass Clarinet (alternate)

*  Earned All-State Audition Honors

I am very Proud of all the students who attended the DHB auditions, they all deserve a round of applause for how hard they worked and how well they represented our school.







Carowinds and Concert Help

Friendly reminder to 8th grade students and parents about Carowinds paper work and deposit due today. 

I can’t believe we have another performance already next week. Both grade levels had awesome after school rehearsals and are ready to put on a Christmas Concert for you next Tuesday December 6th at 7pm. 
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  Please email me if you can help setup after school on Tuesday at 4pm at the MAC. We will also need program parents, door greeters, and parent helpers to monitor kids at the beginning of the concert.

7th grade students should report at 6:30pm in full uniform, and 8th grade students report to their seats at 6:45pm in full uniform. 


  • CJHS Band Polo – Tucked in!
  • Black FORMAL DRESS pants (no jeans!)
  • Black socks
  • Black FORMAL DRESS shoes (no tennis shoes!)

Thanks all. See you Tuesday.