Month: September 2015

Playing Test Reports (PTR)

Hello All,

Today I sent home playing test reports and progress reports with all 8th grade students.  On the report are some details about your child’s performance on their chair test and some insight into how they have been performing in class so far this year.  This is designed to be honest feedback on what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what they can do to improve.  The playing test reports should be signed and returned to me ASAP for a grade in class.

I did this process with the 7th grade grade band members a few weeks ago, so 7th grade parents you should have seen them already.  If not please let me know and Ill get you a new one.

Only a couple more weeks in this grading period so if you need to improve a grade the time is now.  The band room is open everyday after school and every morning at 7:15am for anyone that wants to pass off grades, or turn in late work.

Thanks all

Mr. Huls

Cookie Dough Delivery Date

Thank you to everyone who sold cookie dough to help support the band or earn money toward their spring trip. 

The Junior High delivery date is Wednesday Oct 7th. I will need around 8-10 volunteers to come to the junior high at around 10 AM to help sort. If you can help please email me. 

Students will come home with their dough from school that day and it will need to be delivered immediately or stored in a freezer until it can be delivered. If you have a large order (more than 6 boxes) please plan on picking it up after school. 

Thanks all. 

This Week in Band

Hello All,

This week there are no events happening after school, please make sure your children are practicing hard at home for District Honor Band auditions or for our upcoming concert on October 26th. 


We have a number of students who have started private lessons since my private lesson post.  Students who take a private lesson either once a week or once every two weeks find that they enjoy band class more, achieve a higher chair position, and are prepared to participate in District Honor Band events.  Here are some of the instruments taking lessons throughout the week at school:

Mondays:  We currently have a Clarinet Teacher visiting the band room.

Tuesdays:  We currently have a Trumpet and Trombone teacher visiting the band room.

Thursdays:  We currently have an Alto Saxophone teacher visiting the band room.  (Benjamin Lively offers his first lesson for free!!!)

I have also had a number of students meet the instructors at UWG later in the day because that is what works best for the teacher and the parents schedule.

It is very exciting to see my students take their music education to the next level, I recommend it for all my band students.

Here is the updated private Instructor list again:




Oboe / Bassooon:


French Horn:



Baritone / Tuba:


Trojan Band Game Thursday

Thursdays 8th Grade Football game is a home game and will occur at Grisham Stadium at the HS.

Here is the Itinerary:

4:45pm – Students arrive to the Don Hall Band Room at the HS (behind the away stands) in uniform.

5:20pm – Play Pre-game and National Anthem in the stands

5:30pm – Game Starts

6:15pm – Eat pizza at the HS Band Room during half time.

7:00pm – Pickup for the HS Band Room.

A couple of friendly reminders:

  1. I will need several parents to come help move equipment, setup, tear down, and pizza service.  Please email me if you are available.
  2. If your child needs to stay after school until 4:45pm they will be allowed to, they will meet me right after school and we will walk as a group to the HS band room.  They should have something quiet to work on (like homework) at the HS.
  3. Nothing will occur at the Junior High band room for this game, drop off and pick up should be at the HS band room behind the away stands at the HS stadium.

Thanks all

Mr. Huls

Cookie Dough Due Tomorrow

Hello all,

A friendly reminder that all cookie dough orders are due tomorrow.  Please be sure to check the following items before turning in your order.

  1.  Make sure your order and your money match.  (please double check this) remove any names of people that did not pay.
  2. Place all cash, and checks into one envelope, write your name on it, and staple it to the order form.
  3. Be sure to write the total number of boxes at the bottom of the form.
  4. Do not use dash marks for number of boxes, use actual numbers (sometimes two dashes looks like 11 boxes and not 2)
  5. If you sold 10 or more add a name at the bottom of the order called “FREE BOX” and pick which one you want, this can be factored into your bottom total but not the cost of the order.

I will be counting the orders this week and will get them shipped off immediately.

Still one more night to sell, keep going!!!!!!!


Mr. Huls

This Week in Band

Hello all,

Thank you to all my 8th grade students and parents for your involvement with our 8th grade night performance Friday.  I know it was a hot one, but the kids did a great job and I know they had a lot of fun.  Here are a few things to remember looking ahead to this short week:

COOKIE DOUGH:  Keep selling, final orders and money are due next week Tuesday September 15th.

DISTRICT HONOR BAND MONEY DUE:  For all those students interested in auditioning for DHB in December, I need your $5 by Friday September 11th. If you made the band last year or you feel especially prepared this year you can add $20 for a total of $25 to be considered for All-State Band.  I highly encourage all of my 8th grade students to tryout for District Honor Band.

Thanks all,

Mr. Huls

7th Grade Chair Tests

7th grade chair tests start tomorrow during class.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the week.

Wednesday:  Tuba, Trombone, Baritone, Bassoon

Thursday:  Trumpet, French Horn, Saxophones, Percussion (with Mr. Robo)

Friday:  Flute, Oboe, Clarinet

Each student will perform:

  • The prepared solo we have played in class.
  • A minimum of two scales one octave Bb and Eb Concert  (more scales, more octaves can be played for extra points)
  • A Sight reading passage.

Listen for your child to be practicing at home everyone, this is a very important test.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing all that your children prepare.

Mr. Huls