Month: March 2017

Spring Break

I was so pleased to see an almost completely empty instrument storage room.  Please be sure to practice your music a little bit when you have time.  It is vital for our success at the spring concert.

Please do the band a huge favor and SELL SOME MORE AYP CARDS !!!  We still have over 100 cards left to sell.  Please help to make one last big push.

Thanks all.


It was a pleasure meeting with so many of you at conferences this past week.  I met with almost all of my 8th grade band parents and I am excited to say that I will be breaking my previous record of students moving up to the CHS Trojan Band.  It is such an exciting time for the Carrollton band program, you have a lot to look forward to.

Here are some updates going forward.

AYP Cards

SELL SELL SELL !!! We still have a lot.

Remember this fundraiser will reduce the cost of your 8th graders Carowinds trip payments.  Please SELL SELL SELL !!!


Please check the upcoming dates, we have a lot going on at the end of April and beginning of May.

April 25 – 7th Grade After School Rehearsal

April 27 – 8th Grade After School Rehearsal

April 29 – Band and Chorus Awards Night (not mandatory, more info tba)

May 1st – 8th Grade Band Awards Night at Tabernacle Baptist Church Performance

May 4th – Spring Concert for all.  7pm – 8pm at the MAC

May 5th- 6th – Carowinds Spring Trip

Carowinds Trip

Next week the students will sign-up for rooms of 4 for the trip.  If you could get your final trip payment in this month that would be great.  If you need to know how much you owe please email me, I have updated our spreadsheet with online payments as well as fundraisers.  KEEP IN MIND YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE YOUR KIDS SELL AYP CARDS TO BRING THE COST DOWN, WE HAVE PLENTY MORE    🙂

Thanks again for all of your support have a great weekend and sell some AYP cards !!!

This Week

Hello all,

I wanted to thank you for an abundance of AYP card orders. We have about 200 cards left to sell so I have given the students all a goal of selling just 1 more card. Please help them to sell atleast 1 more and we will be done. 

You children have received up to four new pieces of music and have been working on a lot of new skills in class. Please remind them to bring their instruments home to practice a little bit this week during early release. 

Thanks again, I look forward to seeing you all this week during conferences. 

Mr. Huls

What a Night !!!

The CJHS 8th grade band finished LGPE tonight with a spectacular performance and earned all Superior ratings from every judge both on stage and in sight reading. 

Thank you to all the chaperones who came with us tonight to help keep the kids safe and pointed in the right direction. 

A big shout out to Ben Gordon our trailer driver, Ben doesn’t have a child in any of the bands anymore at CJHS or CHS but still volunteers his time to drive the truck for all my events. He is certainly a special person. We couldn’t do it without him. 

I am so proud of how hard all of my STUDENTS have worked and how dedicated they are to me and the beautiful music they create together on stage. 

Thank you PARENTS for your commitment to the band program. Your support for your child’s music education is clearly seen through your actions and reflected on stage through our wonderful performances. 

Have a great long weekend. 

Congrats 7th Grade

Congratulations are in order for the 7th grade band who traveled to South Paulding HS today and performed excellently.  They received a rating of “Excellent” on stage with a “Superior” rating in sight reading.  The band students did a great job through all phases of the day and represented our school with class and pride in all that they did.

Thanks again to all who came along on the trip as a chaperone, I couldn’t do it without you.

I look forward to taking the 8th grade band tomorrow after school.  They perform at 8pm at South Paulding HS.  8th grade chaperones can meet outside the band room tomorrow after school.  All parents are invited to make the trip to South Paulding HS to watch.