Month: August 2014

6th Grade Instrument Nights Next Week

Hello all 6th grade parents,

I am wrapping up instrument screenings and I am sure your child has come home and told you what they have decided to play in band.


I have strict guidelines as to what types of brands and models I like to have in band class so that we can get the best sound. These instruments will all be available at our instrument nights next week.

September 2nd (first 6th grade band class) and September 3rd (second 6th grade band class) from 5:30-8pm will be our instrument nights.

Please plan on being their at 5:30 for a very brief meeting with the Music and Arts Representatives. Then we will begin the instrument rental process. As soon as you are done you can leave. This doesn’t usually take all the way until 8pm. If your child has an after school activity to attend that is ok as long as you come.

We will be renting flutes, clarinets, alto saxes, trumpets, trombones, and percussion kits. Any French horn, baritone and tuba players can come to get their mouthpieces, and books etc…

I do have French horns students may use as
school owned instruments but I highly recommend renting a single horn.

If you have any questions you can always email me or Ms. Menendez.

I look forward to seeing you next week.


Joe Huls

What a Great Week !!!!

Wow!!! What a great start to the school year.  Ms. Menendez and I are so proud of the hard work that has been done already this week.  I wanted to put up a post to say thank you, and hopefully if you have subscribed you will receive an email.

6th Grade Band Announcements:

We have begun instrument screenings so your child may have already tried the three (or more) things that they are interested in and have selected their instrument. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AN INSTRUMENT YET!!!!

We will have our instrument nights on Sept. 2nd and 3rd for you to come browse and purchase the correct brand and model of instrument you will need.  There is an awful lot of junky, fake instruments on the internet that will set you back a lot of money, please wait and come to instrument night.

A reminder that all band forms and fee’s are due next Friday.

7th and 8th Grade Band Announcements:

We had a great first week, getting our horns back in working condition and playing through our new upper level warm-ups and chorales.  We will continue to play and challenge your children next week.  We will also begin preparing the students for Trojan Band, and District Honor Band Auditions next week.  Please listen out as your child should be practicing 2 to 3 nights per week.

A reminder that all band forms and fee’s are due next Friday.

Trojan Band Update:

There will be a sign-up sheet up on the wall for Trojan Band, and those Fee’s ($15) will be due by Aug. 26th, which is our first (and only) after school practice.  Please check the calendar.  Remember the $15 will cover the cost for there performance shirt and Hat.  8th grade band members who already have a shirt and hat that fit will not need to pay to be a part of the Trojan Band this year, if you need only one new part of the uniform please pay $10.

Thank you again, please share this website with any other band parents you know just to make sure everyone is subscribed.

Have a great weekend.

Joe Huls and Maria Menendez

Band Directors

Carrollton Bands

Welcome Back !!!

Hello CJHS and CMS band parents, welcome back to school.  I hope that you had a restful and relaxing summer and are just as fired up as we are to return to school for another exciting school year.

For brand new band parents in the 6th grade band I welcome you to our band family, thank you for enrolling your child to be a part of one of the biggest and most celebrated programs here in the Carrollton City School System.  For my returning veteran parents thank you again for coming back and dedicating your time, and effort to the wonderful band program we all create together.

You will notice a few changes this year as we welcome a new staff member to our team to assist me at the JH and MS, Ms. Maria Menendez.  You can see her biography on our staff page on the dashboard above.  We are very excited to welcome Maria, and know she will provide fantastic instruction and support to our students.

You will also notice a few new communication changes….WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!!!! I am so excited to host this site which will run side by side with the high school band website, and should provide a great way for ALL parents to stay in touch and connected with your directors.

Please feel free to browse the website, subscribe to the website and you will get updates as the calendar is updated, and new information is released.  The key to our success is great communication.

We look forward to seeing you all at the open houses, and throughout the year.