Month: October 2020


Good evening,

Trojan Band Game:

Our CJHS Football team beat Central on Thursday and earned themselves a spot in the championship game this Thursday! Due to safety concerns traveling to away games, our band will not perform at this championship game. Many schools in the state are not allowing visiting bands at the high school level as well. We had an incredible season and I look forward to our season next year.

The parent volunteers made my job so much easier. I appreciate the parent volunteers, Mr. Carr and Mr. Nelson, and the family members that stepped in at the last moment to help with equipment each game.

I hope that you consider rooting on the Trojans this Thursday at Bremen as a normal spectator! We are so proud of our football players and wish them the best of luck this Thursday.

Cookie Dough

Our cookie dough is set to be delivered on November the 4th to CJHS. If your student sold cookie dough online then those boxes will be delivered to wherever the customer asked. The online sales gave the customer an option to have the cookie dough either delivered to the Junior High or their home. All in person sales will be shipped to the Junior high and handed out to your students on that day. More information on the specifics of that delivery date to come.

We will have our drawing for our grand prize winner and the runner ups in homeroom on Thursday. Thank you again for your participation in this fundraiser!

Have a wonderful night.


M. Menendez

Homecoming Week

Good evening,

Tomorrow begins Homecoming week! Homecoming week is always an exciting week for our students here at Carrollton.

Trojan Band: We will have our next Trojan Band Game on Thursday. We are hoping to win this week so that we can play in the championship next week! The students will receive their hats this week since they were not ready for our last game.

Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering on Thursday.

Itinerary for Thursday:

*At home learners may participate. Please have them check Google Classroom for more info*

3:30 PM Students may stay after school with me at the JH and I will walk them down around 4:15 to the high school if they do not want to go home and come back

4:45 PM students who choose to go home and return need to be dropped off at high school band room (behind away bleachers of Grisham Stadium).

5:00 PM Set up in bleachers

5:30 PM play at football game and cheer on the football team

6:30 PM (roughly) Half Time: students come to high school band room to eat pizza.

7:00 PM (roughly) Students picked up from high school band room to go home

Have a fantastic rest of your night and go Trojans!!!


M. Menendez

Cookie Dough and Jazz Orchestra Opportunities

Good evening,

Tomorrow is the last possible day to turn in cookie dough. Thank you so much for your efforts and I will speak with the kids next week to announce the winners of our prizes. A delivery date will be announced once it has been given to me.

Jazz Orchestra Opportunity:

The Carrollton Jazz Orchestra is opening up their next two rehearsals to the students!

Read below for a message from Terry Lowry:

Dear all,

We are gearing our October 18 and 25 rehearsals toward jazz education/appreciation. I’ll give introductions to the music and have handouts to help the students engage as they listen.  We’ll rehearse at the Amp from 3-5 on both days.  I hope to have a great turn out.  You need not limit the invitation to your jazz band members.  Invite everyone and maybe some non-jazz kids will be converted!  Parents are welcome, as well.

Tell your students to bring their instruments.  We’ll close the rehearsal with a tune the students can play with the CJO.  I hope you come and bring your instruments, too.  It will be a blast!

-Terry Lowry

I hope that some of our students participate the next two Sundays! I look forward to starting up our own jazz band in November. More information to come soon!

Upcoming Schedule:

  • October 22nd Trojan Band Game (Playoffs)
  • October 29th Trojan Band Game (Championship)

I hope that you all have a great Friday tomorrow and a wonderful weekend.


M. Menendez

8th grade night update

Good evening,

The 8th graders have been extremely patient tonight! The rain is going to hold off just in time for our students to perform pre-game. Your students will be in contact after the pre-game performance to let you know of an updated plan. If the rain returns and is too heavy then we will send our 8th graders home to you. Thank you for your patience during this extremely trying night.

Please keep an eye out for a message or call from your students.

Go Trojans!


M. Menendez

8th Grade Night & Cookie Dough

Good evening,

I am so excited for our 8th graders because this Friday is 8th Grade Night! This is a required event for all 8th grade band members. Students will stay after school with me to walk over to the high school around 3:45 PM. They can wear jeans and a T-shirt because we will provide them with a free T-shirt this Friday to change into that is made especially for them. I recommend bringing layers and a jacket since it will be cold as the sun sets.

Our students will live the life of a high school marching band member for one night and will perform the Pre-Game ceremony with us. In addition, they will get special access to the field during half time to get a front row seat to the band performance! This night is completely free to your students and they will be well fed and spoiled rotten by our high school band family.

Please read through all of the bullet points below for important information:

  • Students will be required to wear their masks at all times other than when they are performing.
  • 8th grade at home learners are also able to participate if they would like to.
  • I highly recommend that students pre-order their food so that it is ready for them at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The concession lines are long and there may be a shortage on certain foods.
    • Please fill out this google form and submit the money to Ms. Menendez before Friday. Cash only please!
  • Would you like tickets to watch your 8th grader perform? Purchase them using the link below!


Home vs. Rome • 8th Grade Night! 

  • 4:45pm Report to Band Field for Pre-game rehearsal
  • 5:30pm Dinner provided by the boosters
  • 6:30pm Uniform Check in Stadium
  • 7:00pm Pre-Game
  • 7:30pm Kick-Off
  • Approx. 9:00pm Half-time
  • 10:00 Optional Student pick-up time
  • Approx. 10:30pm Game Ends for students who wish to stay the entire game.
    • *Students will be able to contact you during 4th quarter to give you a better estimate of what time the game will be ending. Hopefully most of our students will stay for the entire game so that they can participate in our very special Battle Hymn tradition at the end of the game!*

Friday is going to be an absolute blast!

Cookie Dough:

Our students are doing a tremendous job selling cookie dough! We have over a week to continue selling as our fundraiser will conclude on Thursday, October the 15th.

Please click on the cookie dough fundraiser under the “fundraisers” tabs on our website for extra copies of forms, dates, and instructions for ordering online.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Sunday evening and I look forward to working with the students tomorrow!


M. Menendez