Jazz Band Added Rehearsal & More

Good evening,

I want to first state that we have added a Jazz Band rehearsal for tomorrow in preparation for our performance during a school assembly on Thursday morning. The jazz band will play a 5 minute or so piece this Thursday at the Black History Month Assembly so we want to make sure that we sound fantastic.

Jazz Band will rehearse this week on Monday the 12th and Wednesday 14th from 3:30-4:30. Uniform for the performance is the band polo and any pants and shoes.

This week we leave on Thursday for District Honor Band! Students may want to read through the packet again to make sure that they have packed all essentials for the trip. Remember that we will transport the kids to Ringgold but that the parents will need to be there on Saturday to bring them home. Students will wear their band uniform at their DHB concert on Saturday (all black).

Info is attached below:

District Honor Band Information 2018

Jacket Order Forms will be handed out tomorrow. As usual, this is not a fundraiser for our band program it is just a way for kids to show spirit and pride.

If your student is participating in band at the high school they will be required to purchase the Eddie Bauer jacket as part of their uniform. I highly recommend purchasing it this year so that you can take it off on some initial expenses once your kid is a freshman. Recommended for 8th grade but if your student is a 7th grader and wants to purchase it now I recommend purchasing a larger size so that there is room for growth. 

***Checks made out to Ozier Apparel***

I own three of the four jackets below and actually prefer the Eddie Bauer jacket. Zip-up pockets, removable hood and it is very warm! Ozier Apparel will put the logos on it for band on the front and back. I recommend getting the name stitched on the front.

AYP Cards are set to roll out the last week of February. You may want to start signing up some customers to purchase from our program. The cards will be $15 this year. More info to come soon

Carowinds: Your 8th graders will know how much they have paid so far for Carowinds this week. They will receive that total on Wednesday.

Yesterday our students came to the Junior High for a day full of learning, music and fun. I am so proud of the behavior and focus from our students and heard wonderful things from our staff who drove in to teach them. Thank you to the parents who assisted in setting up, cleaning up, monitoring, lunch and much more.

A special thank you to Mr. Carr and Mr. Bright who allowed us to use their instruments for our rehearsals.

Time together is valuable for our band program. Please continue to put these last few rehearsals left as a priority as we are only a month away from L.G.P.E. (March 13th for 7th grade and March 14th for 8th grade) and two weeks away from Pre-L.G.P.E. (February 27th at the Mabry Arts Center).

These performances allow us to grow immensely as a band program and are great opportunities to show our community what occurs in our music classrooms here at Carrollton.

Musicianship is important to our band program but being part of a team while showing dedication, commitment, and exhibiting good character is of upmost important to me. Your students are growing so much through participation in this band program and not just in a musical way!

I love these sweet kids and the supportive community that we are a part of.


Ms. Menendez