Jazz Band Call time and DHB

Good evening,

Jazz Band call time (in their band polo) is at 8:10AM tomorrow in the Solarium. Performance at the MAC should be done around 9:45. Check in with homeroom teacher first.

DHB students need to put luggage in band room in the morning. Students will be called from class at 11:45 to report to band room. Bus picks us up at noon and we will then depart for District Honor Band! We will eat lunch somewhere along the way so make sure that students are prepared for that.

Lunch and dinner for each day is on students, hotel provides breakfast.

Please read over one more time about DHB information.

DHB 2018 Itinerary (1)

Tomorrow is going to be fantastic!

Please keep our next concert on your radar. Pre-LGPE concert at the MAC.

6:30 PM Tuesday, February 27th. 

-M. Menendez