Announcements for the week

Good evening,

Here is the schedule for this week:

Monday: Optional DHB practice until 4:15

Tuesday: Optional DHB practice until 4:15

Wednesday: Optional DHB practice until 4:15

Thursday: Trojan Band Championship Game (Pick up time 7:30)

District Honor Band:

As I continue to balance conferences and working individually with our District Honor Band students I am providing three days out of the week for those who are auditioning to seek help and practice. Our conference schedule is much different this year and I am (for the first time) hosting conferences. Students may pick one day or stay for all three and work on their audition materials. We will focus on memorizing our scales and add in sight reading beginning this week. I appreciate your patience as I am balancing my different roles this year. If your student is auditioning it is imperative that you are hearing them practice at home. They should be working on four major scales, a chromatic scale, and a short piece of music as often as possible.

Trojan Band Championship

We are excited to host the championship this Thursday at Grisham Stadium! The students have asked to play for the entire game instead of just the first half. Students will still be fed at 6 PM and if they need to go home at that time they may.  Hopefully we can get most of them to stay the entire game to cheer on our Trojans to victory! Volunteers may contact me if they would like to help.

Fee Payment Form

You should have received a form if your student owes money for something in band. I appreciate your patience as I count thousands upon thousands of dollars each month. Our online Revtrak payment system is fantastic but often does not send me a receipt for your purchase. If I have missed something please notify me and I will correct it on my side. If you have missed something please work on paying off those fees at your earliest convenience.

Coming Up

Next Monday October 28th 7th grade after school rehearsal until 5 PM *for a grade*

Next Tuesday October 29th 8th grade after school rehearsal until 5 PM *for a grade*

Monday November 4th Cookie dough delivered

Tuesday November 5th at 7 PM Fall concert *for a grade*

Let’s have another wonderful week!


Ms. Menendez

Quick reminders

Dear all,

Please remember about our Trojan band game tomorrow. Make sure that students have their white shirts and hat. Pick up time is at seven.

Also, fifth block woodwind class has a test tomorrow for all sections but our low reed sections.

Have a great night!


Ms. Menendez

Weekly Announcements

Good evening,

Our schedule for the week is below:

Monday: No beginners after school (I will be assisting the high school marching band practice)

Tuesday: No District Honor Band after school (I will be assisting the high school marching band practice)

Wednesday: Optional day for District honor band or beginners to stay for help until 4:15

Thursday: Trojan Band Game. Volunteers needed

Legacy of Champions Band Competition:

Thank you SO much to the students and parents who volunteered on Saturday at our band competition. It was a huge success! The high school parents complimented our JH kids and parents all day! Thank you for stepping up and helping our high school program out and I will sign off on volunteer hours beginning Monday.

Cookie Dough:

Thank you for participating in our cookie dough fundraiser this year! We had a great turn out! Our cookie dough will be delivered on November the 4th so please let your customers know. The cookie dough will be delivered to the school and your students can take home the boxes that day to begin distributing them to their customers. Fundraisers keep our band going so I appreciate your participation!

Although we did not sell enough boxes to change my hair color, we did have some students who will get their name added into a drawing for our $200 cash prize or a lunch provided by Ms. Menendez. The drawing will occur on Wednesday morning at 8:10 AM.


Your students will be notified this week of any missing fees for the following items:

  • Band Fee
  • Percussion Fee
  • School Owned Instrument Fee
  • District Honor Band and All state Fee
  • Trojan Band Fee
  • New band polo replacement

Please be on the lookout for a form sent home and let me know if you have any questions about the missing fees.

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing our students tomorrow!


Ms. Menendez


Legacy of Champions Band Competition


Good morning!

If your student is volunteering at our band competition today you will need to drop them off at the high school band room. You will not be able to pull in due to that parking lot behind the Away stands being a bus loop entrance so it will be a quick drop and go. Make sure that your student has money for food, water, and sunscreen! It may be a long day for some of them.

Thank you again!


Ms. Menendez


This week at a glance:

Monday: After school for beginners until 4:15

Tuesday: Cookie Dough Due/No DHB practice due to faculty meeting

Wednesday: Pass offs and tutoring after school until 4:15.

Thursday: Trojan Band Game

Cookie Dough:

Cookie Dough is due on Tuesday. Please work on selling as many boxes as you can OR ask around for donations. Every little bit helps! There are great incentives for our kids for selling!

Sunday Pep Rally

Report time is at 5:15 at the high school band room. It is going to be a blast!

Chair Test Results

Once all of our students take their chair test on Monday that were absent last week we will post results. Thank you for your hard work!

Sporting Events

Does your child participate in a sport here at Carrollton? If so, please send me their schedule so that I can come and see an event or game.  Go Trojans!

Legacy of Champions Marching Competition


Are you available on October 12th to volunteer at our band competition? We still have shifts to cover which can be found on the link above.

Students may earn service hours for their participation.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Ms. Menendez

Weekly Announcements

This week at a glance:

Monday: After school for beginners until 4:15

Tuesday: No District Honor Band optional practice do to high school marching band exhibition at Central High School that I must attend.

Wednesday: No optional pass offs due to a meeting that I must attend.

Thursday: Chair test during class. No Trojan Band Game

Sunday: Optional Homecoming Pep Rally in Grisham Stadium 5:15-8:00.

8th Grade Night:

Where do I start? Our 8th graders were fantastic this past Friday! Not only was the game a thriller, but the 8th graders looked like they had an absolute blast! Students were smiling from ear to ear, voices were lost from screaming, and bodies were tired from all of that playing but the memories made were worth it all. I am beyond proud of our students for their behavior and their “all in” attitude on Friday. Go Trojan Band!

Chair Test This Thursday:

Please ensure that your student is practicing for his/her first chair test. This Thursday during class students will audition. This will allow for me to assign chair placements and put students on appropriate parts dependent on their ability level for our upcoming concert. Each student has 1 minute to play as many scales as they can and has one small piece of music to perform. Good luck!


Homecoming Kick Off Save the Date Homecoming Pep Rally for all CJHS Band Students:

Would your 7th or 8th grader like to play in a pep rally with the high school band? There is a new chance for them to do so this year! On Sunday, September 29th our school system is hosting our first ever Homecoming Community Kick-Off in Grisham Stadium. This celebration will occur from 5:30 to 8:00 PM and our band program will get to participate! Report time will be 5:15 for all of those interested in participating. Students will report to the high school band room and will wear either their Trojan Band shirt or their 8th grade night shirt. Let’s make this the biggest band in the stands that the community has ever seen!

Cookie Dough: Please continue selling cookie dough!

  • 8th Graders will earn $3 towards their Carowinds Trip for every box of cookie dough sold! If a student sells 10 boxes that would be $30 off of their trip. The Carowinds trip costs $220 so every little bit off of the trip will help!
  • All students will get their names put into a drawing for a chance of a $200 grand prize! This prize will be a shopping spree spent on a prize that Ms. Menendez and the winner’s family agree upon. This could be spent on fast food gift cards, toys, clothes, video games and more! Additionally, one student per grade will get a fast food lunch provided of their choice if their name is drawn.
    • Each student will get their name put in one time once they have sold 10 boxes of cookie dough. For each additional 5 boxes sold, their name will get added in two times! If a student sells 15 boxes then they would get their name put in 3 times for a chance to win!
  • Image result for crazy hair dye Apparently the students do not like my hair color and have decided that they would like to change it! We have 174 total band students at CJHS. If we sell 870 boxes of cookie dough (that is five per student) then the students will get to select my hair color! I have to admit that I am torn on whether or not I want them to accomplish this goal!

Cookie Dough money is due on October 1st and will be delivered after Fall Break.

Saturday, October 12th

Every year we host a band competition that is world class right on our campus! Our facilities and volunteers make this a competition that is talked about across our state by other bands. Our high school band members and families chip in each year to make this competition a success and our Junior High band also likes to help out with this huge event. Are you (adults) or someone you know available on October the 12th to help out?

Is your student available to volunteer as well? If so, they can let me know and I will assign them to a student position!

Students who need volunteer hours of service may earn hours that day! 

If so, please consider signing up in one of the areas below that we have empty spots in. I will be happy to answer any questions for you if they come up. The competition at the moment looks like it will have the first band performing around 3 PM so it will be mostly an afternoon-evening day of work for those of you who have plans in the morning. We could ALWAYS use help beyond these hours so if you are available all day, let me know!

I would love to see a lot of our students and parents there to bond and mingle with their future high school band family!

Please click on the link to sign up for your preferred shift

Gate Attendant: People to work a gate just as they would for a sporting event.

Equipment Needs: Trailers (6 ft by 12 or less), tents, ATVs, golf carts, and tables.

(We also need drivers for the ATV’s to pull equipment!)

Parking Attendants: 

Truck and equipment parking and accessibility parking.

Hospitality Workers:

People who cook, serve, and transport food for our guest staff and bus drivers.


People who cook, transport food, and sell food and drinks to our customers.

Food Donations for Hospitality:

For those who would like to help out but cannot be there to work that day.

Volunteer opportunities in each area include all-day, and 1st or 2nd shift, with shifts being approx 5-6 hours and all day is 10-12 hours.  We will not know the exact start/stop times of the event or shifts until band registration closes two weeks prior to the event. Full-timing details will then be communicated directly with each volunteer area, specific to your duties.

Our band program is thriving right now! I am so thankful for the hard work from the students and the support in various ways from our parents!

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions @


Ms. Menendez

Reminder of Trojan Band Game Tomorrow and 8th Grade Night

Trojan Band Game Tomorrow:

Info and the schedule are posted below:

4:45 PM students need to be dropped off at high school band room (behind away bleachers of Grisham Stadium).

*Students may stay after school with me at the JH and I will walk them down around 4:15 to the high school if they do not want to go home and come back*

5:00 PM Warm up in high school band room

5:30 PM play at football game and cheer on the football team

6:30 PM (roughly) Half Time: students come to high school band room to eat pizza.

7:00 PM (roughly) Students may be picked up from high school band room to go home


If you are volunteering then we will need your help around 4:45 in the high school band room to get things set up for when the students come in at half time to eat.

Please email me at if you would like to volunteer.

8th Grade Night:

This Friday is 8th Grade Night! This is a required event for all 8th grade band members. Students will stay after school with me to walk over. They can wear jeans and a T-shirt because we will provide them with a free T-shirt this Friday to change into that is made especially for them. This night is completely free to your students and they will be fed and spoiled all night!


The itinerary for Friday, September 20
  • 4:15pm rehearsal on the band field
  • 5:15pm dinner (student fed by high school band boosters!)
  • 6:15pm In Uniform for stands tune warm-up
  • 6:35pm depart for the CHAMP
  • 6:45pm perform at the CHAMP (amphitheater near the Mabry Arts Center)
  • 7:15pm perform for Pre-Game
  • 7:30pm Kick-Off
  • Approx. 9:00pm Half-time
  • 10:00 Optional Student pick-up time
  • Approx. 10:30pm Game Ends for students who wish to stay the entire game.
    • Students will be able to contact you during 4th quarter to give you a better estimate of what time the game will be ending. Hopefully most of our students will stay for the entire game so that they can participate in our very special Battle Hymn tradition at the end of the game!

-M. Menendez