Chair Test/Jazz Band/Raffle Fundraiser/LGPE Times

Good evening,

7th Grade Chair Test

Our 7th graders will have their final chair test this Thursday during class. This chair test is important as it places the students in the correct ability leveled course for next year. Please ensure that you hear your student practicing at home. The students have access to their etudes and a recording of the etude in Google Classroom. Happy practicing!

Jazz Band

Congratulations to our jazz band who had their first performance at the school-wide Black History Month Assembly on Friday. They performed twice for their peers and were extremely flexible as we adjusted on the fly. A special thank you to Mr. Carr and Mr. Nelson for allowing us to use their equipment and to Mr. Clotfelter and Mrs. Haley for assisting in many ways. It takes a village!

Jazz band will continue with our weekly Wednesday rehearsals this week until 4:15.

Raffle Fundraiser

Our raffle fundraiser is still in full swing! If anyone runs out of raffle tickets I have extras in the band room. Please assist us in purchasing new stands and instruments through this fundraiser.

Tentative LGPE Schedule

This schedule is tentative until our busses have been confirmed. I would love to have chaperones on the bus with us if possible and please note that students will be excused from any classes missed.

Having a large audience would mean the world to us as well. We hope that you and your loved ones are able to be there at the Carroll County School Performing Arts Center.

775 Old Newnan Rd, Carrollton, GA 30116

7th Grade: March 17th

1:30 Report to band room 

2:00 Depart 

2:15 Arrive

3:00 Watch Band

3:30 Warm Up

4:00 Perform

5:00 Depart

5:15 Arrive

8th Grade: March 18th

1:00 Report to band room 

2:30 Depart 

2:45 Arrive

3:30 Watch Band

4:00 Warm Up

4:30 Perform

5:30 Depart

5:45 Arrive

Please let me know if you have any questions.


M. Menendez

Pre LGPE Concert Tonight Time Adjustment

Good evening,

There will be a slight adjustment to the start of our concert tonight for 7th and 8th grade. Our concert start time will be shifted later by 30 minutes.

All students report to Mabry Arts Center: 5:00 PM

7th grade: 6:30 PM

8th grade: 7:00 PM

This is a mistake on my part and I sincerely apologize if this causes any inconvenience. The wonderful news is that we now have more time to warm up and for our students to come from any sports and activities that they are splitting time between this evening.

I cannot apologize enough for missing this while working with the high school directors on setting this concert up.

Our program can be found here: Pre LGPE Concert Program

We will be selling raffle tickets at the concert tonight for those of you who would like to purchase one!

I look forward to sharing the stage tonight with your incredible students.


M. Menendez

Pre LGPE Concert Tuesday/Raffle Fundraiser

Good evening,

I hope that you all had an incredible break with your loved ones and friends.

Monday: Raffle fundraiser starts

Tuesday: Pre LGPE concert at Mabry Arts Center

Wednesday: Jazz band after school until 4:30 (extended to rehearse for assembly)

Friday: Black History Month Assembly during the school day

Pre LGPE Concert

Our next concert is at the Mabry Arts Center this Tuesday, March 1st. Report time is 5:00 pm for all students. 7th grade will perform at 6:00 PM and 8th grade will perform at 6:30 PM. We are having a judges panel attend to give us feedback leading into our big LGPE performance at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center on March 17th and 18th. Please ensure that students wear all black like we did for our Fall concert. Students are dismissed one their band finishes their performance.

Raffle Fundraiser

Our students have the opportunity to participate in our raffle fundraiser from February 28th to March 14th. Each student will receive ten raffle tickets priced at $10 each. Customers will automatically be entered into a drawing for one or multiple of the following prizes:

  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Set of Airpods Pro
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Instant Vortex 6 Quart Air Fryer

Our students will get incentives for selling raffle tickets as well!

  • For every 10 sold, students will get their name entered into the grand prize drawing.
  • For every 10 sold, students will also get their name entered into a drawing for a free fast food lunch on Ms. Menendez.
  • For every 5 sold beyond that, their name will be entered again into each of those drawings!
  • 8th graders will earn $5 towards their Carowinds trip for every ticket sold.

How the fundraiser works:

  • Students will collect the $10 from the customer, tear the ticket in half so that the customer has their portion, and turn in the information portion to Ms. Menendez. 
  • Ms. Menendez will document that purchase and credit it towards that student as well as enter their name into both drawings. 
  • Drawing will occur on Tuesday, March 15th during homeroom!
  • Cash or check (written out to CJHS Band)  is acceptable. 


M. Menendez

University of West Georgia Concert 7:30 PM

Good morning,

There will be a fantastic concert tonight at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center! The University of West Georgia’s Wind Ensemble will perform a free concert beginning at 7:30 PM. I will be in attendance if you or your students would like to sit together and talk about the pieces together.

Our clarinet instructor, Mr. Christopher Mothersole, will be performing Tim McAllister’s “Black Dog” with his electric clarinet and guitar pedals! It will be a great concert and totally free!

I hope to see some of you all tonight.

Carroll County Performing Arts Center

775 Old Newnan Rd, Carrollton, GA 30116


M. Menendez

West Georgia Winds/7th Grade Placement Auditions/March 1st Upcoming Concert

Good afternoon,

I am excited that we all get a week of rest and rejuvenation and I hope that everyone is enjoying that time.

West Georgia Winds

Today is the last day to sign up for West Georgia Winds. This is an honor band group that meets on Sundays from 2-4 and performs under the baton of Dr. Josh Byrd, Director of bands at the University of West Georgia! Please visit to view the schedule and click on this Google Form to sign up for an audition! Our students will have great success at their audition and are prepared to earn a spot in the ensemble.

7th Grade Placement Auditions

Our 7th graders will audition on March 10th during class for their ensemble placements for next year. Please ensure that they take this audition seriously and that they are practicing over break leading into that audition. They will earn a spot in either our Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble next year. The difference in each band increasing in commitment, speed of pace, and difficulty. This allows for our students to get more individualized attention and for me to cater my teaching more effectively. Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them.

Pre LGPE Concert

Our next concert is at the Mabry Arts Center on Tuesday, March 1st. Report time is 5:00 pm for all students. 7th grade will perform at 6:00 PM and 8th grade will perform at 6:30 PM. We are having a judges panel attend to give us feedback leading into our big LGPE performance at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center on March 17th and 18th.

LGPE Dates and Times

The LGPE dates have been announced and should be absolutely finalized this week. I feel confident that our times will not change between now and the finalized schedule, so we can begin preparing.

7th grade: March 17th @4 PM

8th grade: March 18th @4:30 PM

An itinerary of those performance days will be handed out when we get back from break. Please mark your calendar and make sure that we fill up the Carroll County Performing Arts Center those nights to support our students! They have been working very hard on this music.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the weeks ahead.


M. Menendez

Adjusted Rehearsal Times/Band Jackets/DHB/Rising 8th Course Offerings

Good evening,

I am excited for another week with our amazing students!

Monday: 7th grade after school rehearsal until 4:15

Tuesday: 8th grade after school rehearsal until 4:15

Wednesday: Jazz Band rehearsal until 4:15


Our rehearsal time for this week have been adjusted a little earlier in hopes that we can rehearse more efficiently. We will have our student athletes and students in other clubs remain for the entire rehearsal (an extra 15 minutes from last week unless they have a competition or a game) so that the full band can rehearse together. At 4:15 all students will be dismissed. This should allow us to get much more done without the disruption mid way through and will allow for us to go home earlier on a school night. Please let me know if you have any questions and I sincerely hope that this works better for all of us. Please keep our Pre LGPE concert on your radar. It is the Tuesday that we return from Winter break at the Mabry Arts Center. ( March 1st beginning at 6:00 PM)

Band Jackets

Our band jackets have come in! There are a few that are on back order and are set to be delivered later this week. I will let those students know individually if they are missing their jacket and will hand them out as soon as they come in.

District Honor Band

We had an incredible time at District Honor Band this week. Congratulations to Cadence Carr, Marie Fujita Block, Haley Rowell, Ann Haley, Aileen Yanney, Liam Price, and Samuel Duncan. These students worked incredibly hard in the Fall and were selected to participate in the District Honor Band for District 7. We enjoyed bowling, lots of yummy food, a Krispy Kreme visit, and playing with students under the baton of two fabulous conductors. I am so proud of them and hope that we will have an even bigger turnout next year!

New Course Offerings for 2022-2023 School Year

I am excited to announce our new course offerings for next school year at the Junior High School. Our students will have the option to participate in Instrumental Methods as well as audition to be in our ability based bands rather than being bundled together by grade. I have attached the Instrumental Methods info below for those that are curious. Instrumental Methods can either be taken for one semester, or taken twice to become a year long course.

Our current CJHS Bands are separated by grade, one being only for 7th graders and one for only 8th graders. Next year we will offer Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble just like our high school program does. You can think of this like an on level course, honors course, and AP or IB course. Each band will be comprised of both 7th and 8th grades. All three courses will have brass, woodwinds, and percussion which will eliminate the need for after school rehearsals. We will use our next chair test audition to place students in the appropriate course for next year in early March. Students will be given all information on that audition later this week.

The idea of this is to allow for more level-appropriate instruction, better differentiation, a mix of grades in each band, and to free up our after school schedule. Each student will get better one-on-one instruction and will get the chance to truly shine! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Although this is new to us, this method of mixing both grades together is actually the norm for most band programs. I am thankful that our administration has allowed us to try this out and better serve our students.


Ms. Maria Menendez

Potential New Course Offering/Jazz Band

Good afternoon,

Instrumental Studies Course (Current 7th graders only)

Carrollton Junior High School is considering offering a new course for current band students entitled Instrumental Studies. Our goal with this course is to enhance musical knowledge in more ways than the typical large ensemble setting. Course content includes music technology, music history, music theory, jass studies, improvisation studies, chamber music, audition techniques, and learning secondary instruments.

If your student is interested in selecting this course as their second elective, please fill out the Google Form below. All Instrumental Studies students must be enrolled in a band course concurrently.

 This form does not mean that the student is signed up for the course, but serves as a way for us to gauge the general interest for this course. 

Jazz Band:

We will begin our jazz band rehearsals next Wednesday. The jazz band is a group that is open to all students at CJHS. No fees or auditions are required. We rehearse on Wednesdays from after school until 4:15 in the CJHS Band room.

Upcoming Rehearsals and Concert:

2/7: 7th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

2/8: 8th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

2/14: 7th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

2/15: 8th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

March 1: Pre LGPE Concert at Mabry Arts Center. Report time at 6:00 PM


M. Menendez

Instrument Upgrades/After School Rehearsals

Good evening,

We have had a very successful start to our semester in band class. Our concert cycle for early Spring involves more than one rehearsal so please take some time to check our calendar on our website and let me know if you see of any conflicts.

Instrument/Mouthpiece Upgrade:

When our students begin band in 5th grade we like to place them on high quality instruments that are designed specifically for beginners. They are developed to allow students to make a sound on their instrument easily so that they can gain confidence at the beginning stages. Some instruments are made at a lighter weight and smaller so that young students can hold and play them without any limitations.

As students become more advanced and mature in their playing, those beginner instruments actually can begin hindering their playing. Students begin to notice that some notes become difficult to play due to the limitations of the beginner instrument, some notes are unplayable due to a missing key available on ore advanced instruments, and they begin having intonation issues as their music requires a more expanded register.

A great and much cheaper upgrade for our brass and woodwind players is simply upgrading their mouthpiece. This one upgrade can change their playing completely. Students will be able to play louder, softer, more in tune, and sound better all with so much more ease!

A more expensive upgrade would be finding a new or used instrument that is an intermediate or advanced model. I have added a PDF with suggested instruments and mouthpieces for more instruments that I would love for you to read through.

Rental companies also allow for you to begin renting a more advanced instrument and apply your payments on your current instrument towards the upgrade. This is a very common option.

I hope that you will consider one of these upgrades for your student so that they can continue growing even more than they already have. I would love to answer any questions or provide more suggestions if needed. This would be a great birthday present from a relative or loved one!

Upcoming Rehearsals and Concert:

2/7: 7th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

2/8: 8th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

2/14: 7th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

2/15: 8th Grade Rehearsal at CJHS until 5:00

March 1: Pre LGPE Concert at Mabry Arts Center. Report time at 6:00 PM

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night!


Ms. Menendez

Chair Test Results/Carowinds Payment/Jacket Order

Good evening,

Two quick reminders:

Chair Test

Congratulations to all of our students on a wonderful chair test! The results are posted below.


M. Menendez

Jacket Order/Chair Test/ Carowinds Payment

Good evening,

Please take a moment to read through the following reminder.

Jacket Order:

Only five days left!

Special Notes:

  • Note that the Eddie Bauer Jacket is recommended for 8th graders who intend on participating in the marching band at the high school level next year. Owning that jacket is part of our uniform. Personally speaking, that is my favorite jacket and is the most durable jacket that many adults have even purchased, including our principals!
  • Consider paying the extra $5 to add the student name and instrument. Totally worth it so that the jackets do not get confused or accidentally stolen by someone with the same jacket.
  • There is a countdown on the website to make purchases and all sales will occur through there. The jackets will be delivered to the band room once they are ready. I will notify you of that date once I receive it.

Although this is not a fundraiser for our band program, it is a great way to support our band program to the public. I hope that you will consider purchasing a jacket for you and your student!


The next installment of $50 is due on the 28th of January. All accounts should be paid up to $150 in total by that date. Please begin sending in money for all students and chaperones at your earliest convenience.

Chair Test:

We will have our next chair test this Thursday, January 20th during class. 7th grade will play one as many major and minor scales as they can in 1 minute as well as their etude that was handed out in class. 8th grade will play as many major and minor scales as they can in 2 minutes as well as their etude that was handed out in class.

A copy of the etude as well as a recording can be found in the following Google Drive folder:

We are honored to have our campus host the first season of the brand new West Georgia Winds! This is an audition based ensemble for any 6th-8th grader in the state that rehearses once a week at the CHS band room and performs concerts at the Mabry Arts Center. Students will play challenging and fun music with band members from across our area and will get to play under the baton of Dr. Josh Byrd, director of bands at the University of West Georgia! This is a tremendous opportunity for our band students and I encourage those that are interested to apply at

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Ms. Menendez