Weekly Announcements

Good evening,

I hope that you have had a restful weekend. Below are a few important announcements:

Please make sure that you have signed the GREEN form that reviews our handbook policies.

Please make sure that you have signed the BLUE form if your student wants to participate in Trojan Band this year. If you have an 8th grader that participated last year and has their hat and shirt I still need a new form with your consent for them to participate. 

Below is our calendar that has two minor errors fixed if you would like to print it off. I added 8th grade night on there and fixed the wrong year that was printed at the top.

Please keep the following two on your radar:

*8th Grade Night on October 12th. Required for all 8th graders. 

*Please pay special attention to our Symphonic Camp on Saturday February 9th from 9AM-Noon. This is required for ALL students and is a grade. With notice this far in advance please plan accordingly and do not schedule anything on that day so that your student can participate and have a blast!

CJHS Band Calendar 2018-2019

(I also recommend clicking on “calendar” on our homepage at the top and syncing it to your phone)

Please keep in mind that all materials and band fees are due August 24th.

Have a great night!

-M. Menendez