Trojan Band Game Itinerary

Trojan Band game tomorrow:

Tomorrow will be our first Trojan Band game! I will hand out t shirts and hats to those who need one on Thursday in class. I have asked that any 7th and 8th graders who do not have a shirt wear school spirit clothing. Something white, black, or gold or something with “Carrollton” or “Trojans” on it would work. The t shirt company is going to try their best to get the shirts in on time but may not get them to us by the game tomorrow. This will be an appropriate back up.


*At home learners may participate. Please have them check Google Classroom for more info*

3:30 PM Students may stay after school with me at the JH and I will walk them down around 4:15 to the high school if they do not want to go home and come back

4:45 PM students who choose to go home and return need to be dropped off at high school band room (behind away bleachers of Grisham Stadium).

5:00 PM Set up in bleachers

5:30 PM play at football game and cheer on the football team

6:30 PM (roughly) Half Time: students come to high school band room to eat pizza.

7:00 PM (roughly) Students picked up from high school band room to go home

I look forward to the game tomorrow and please continue selling cookie dough!


Ms. Menendez