AYP Forms and Concert Tomorroq

Good evening,

A quick reminder about out concert tomorrow evening:

Pre-LGPE – February 25 (Tomorrow)

On February 25 our bands will perform a Pre-LGPE Concert at the Mabry Arts Center on campus. At this concert we will have adjudicators make comments on our performance to help us to better prepare for our Large Group Performance Evaluations in March. Students should wear their concert uniform which includes black dress pants, black dress shoes and socks, and their black performance polos. We will share this concert with the high school band. CJHS students are dismissed after the 8th grade performance concludes. I highly recommend staying though to hear as many high school performances as possible!

Notice that this concert starts earlier than normal. Once again, report time is 5:30 for all CJHS band students. 

  • 6:00PM CJHS 7th Grade
  • 6:30PM CJHS 8th Grade
  • 7:00PM CHS Concert Band
  • 7:30PM CHS Symphonic Band
  • 7:45PM CHS Wind Ensemble

AYP Fundraiser:

PDF version—————> AYP PDF

Please blast this all over social media and feel free to print off a copy for yourself!

Each card is $15. Sell 5 and earn one free!

I am looking for a volunteer to help sell these at the concert tomorrow between bands. Perhaps someone who has a JH and high school kid.

Your kids sound amazing and you will be blown away by the maturity of their playing tomorrow night!


M. Menendez