Reminder of Trojan Band Game Tomorrow and 8th Grade Night

Trojan Band Game Tomorrow:

Info and the schedule are posted below:

4:45 PM students need to be dropped off at high school band room (behind away bleachers of Grisham Stadium).

*Students may stay after school with me at the JH and I will walk them down around 4:15 to the high school if they do not want to go home and come back*

5:00 PM Warm up in high school band room

5:30 PM play at football game and cheer on the football team

6:30 PM (roughly) Half Time: students come to high school band room to eat pizza.

7:00 PM (roughly) Students may be picked up from high school band room to go home


If you are volunteering then we will need your help around 4:45 in the high school band room to get things set up for when the students come in at half time to eat.

Please email me at if you would like to volunteer.

8th Grade Night:

This Friday is 8th Grade Night! This is a required event for all 8th grade band members. Students will stay after school with me to walk over. They can wear jeans and a T-shirt because we will provide them with a free T-shirt this Friday to change into that is made especially for them. This night is completely free to your students and they will be fed and spoiled all night!


The itinerary for Friday, September 20
  • 4:15pm rehearsal on the band field
  • 5:15pm dinner (student fed by high school band boosters!)
  • 6:15pm In Uniform for stands tune warm-up
  • 6:35pm depart for the CHAMP
  • 6:45pm perform at the CHAMP (amphitheater near the Mabry Arts Center)
  • 7:15pm perform for Pre-Game
  • 7:30pm Kick-Off
  • Approx. 9:00pm Half-time
  • 10:00 Optional Student pick-up time
  • Approx. 10:30pm Game Ends for students who wish to stay the entire game.
    • Students will be able to contact you during 4th quarter to give you a better estimate of what time the game will be ending. Hopefully most of our students will stay for the entire game so that they can participate in our very special Battle Hymn tradition at the end of the game!

-M. Menendez