8th Grade Night/Cookie Dough and more!

Good evening,
This update will cover the following upcoming items:
There is a lot of information below so please take the time to read through it carefully. Please refer back to this post on the website in the following weeks to help answer any questions.

Chair Test September 26th:

Our students will have their first chair test of the year on Thursday, September 26th during class. Students will have one minute to perform as many scales as they can and will also perform an etude (a short piece of music). They will be graded an accuracy and musicality. The scores will be totaled and will determine their chair placement within their sections. The harder parts of our concert music are assigned to the higher chairs players. Please ensure that your student begins practicing for this chair placement so that they can get placed on a part that is appropriate for them.

Music will be handed out tomorrow in class.

8th Grade Night:

This Friday is 8th Grade Night! This is a required event for all 8th grade band members. Students will stay after school with me to walk over. They can wear jeans and a T-shirt because we will provide them with a free T-shirt this Friday to change into that is made especially for them. This night is completely free to your students and they will be fed and spoiled all night!


The itinerary for Friday, September 20
  • 4:15pm rehearsal on the band field
  • 5:15pm dinner (student fed by high school band boosters!)
  • 6:15pm In Uniform for stands tune warm-up
  • 6:35pm depart for the CHAMP
  • 6:45pm perform at the CHAMP (amphitheater near the Mabry Arts Center)
  • 7:15pm perform for Pre-Game
  • 7:30pm Kick-Off
  • Approx. 9:00pm Half-time
  • 10:00 Optional Student pick-up time
  • Approx. 10:30pm Game Ends for students who wish to stay the entire game.
    • Students will be able to contact you during 4th quarter to give you a better estimate of what time the game will be ending. Hopefully most of our students will stay for the entire game so that they can participate in our very special Battle Hymn tradition at the end of the game!

Cookie Dough Fundraiser:

This Tuesday we will begin our annual cookie dough fundraiser! Fundraisers are an absolute necessity in order for our program to run the way that it does. Money raised allows for instructors to teach your students privately and for instruments and music to be purchased. Nothing is more important to me than making sure that your students have the best music education possible. Our cookie dough fundraiser will run from September 17th- October 1st. Cookie dough will be delivered mid-late October.

Information will come home on Tuesday but I want to give you a heads up about two things.

  • 8th Graders will earn $3 towards their Carowinds Trip for every box of cookie dough sold! If a student sells 10 boxes that would be $30 off of their trip. The Carowinds trip costs $220 so every little bit off of the trip will help!
  • All students will get their names put into a drawing for a chance of a $200 grand prize! This prize will be a shopping spree spent on a prize that Ms. Menendez and the winner’s family agree upon. This could be spent on fast food gift cards, toys, clothes, video games and more! Additionally, one student per grade will get a fast food lunch provided of their choice if their name is drawn.
    • Each student will get their name put in one time once they have sold 10 boxes of cookie dough. For each additional 5 boxes sold, their name will get added in two times! If a student sells 15 boxes then they would get their name put in 3 times for a chance to win!

Carowinds Trip (8th grade only):

Our 8th grade travels to Charlotte, North Carolina each year to have the time of their lives celebrating 4 years of band together! This trip is jam packed with fun including a performance in Carowinds Theme Park! Information on the trip will come out next week but I wanted to encourage you all to let the cookie dough fundraiser help with the payments of the trip. For each box of cookie dough sold, $3 will be taken off of their trip. The total cost is $220 for the trip. Our trip this year occurs on May 15th-16th. Keep this on your radar and look out for information that will be sent home next week.

Trojan Band Game This Thursday:

Info and the schedule are posted below:

4:45 PM students need to be dropped off at high school band room (behind away bleachers of Grisham Stadium).

*Students may stay after school with me at the JH and I will walk them down around 4:15 to the high school if they do not want to go home and come back*

5:00 PM Warm up in high school band room

5:30 PM play at football game and cheer on the football team

6:30 PM (roughly) Half Time: students come to high school band room to eat pizza.

7:00 PM (roughly) Students may be picked up from high school band room to go home


If you are volunteering then we will need your help around 4:45 in the high school band room to get things set up for when the students come in at half time to eat.

Please email me at maria.menendez@carrolltoncityschools.net if you would like to volunteer.

Optional Homecoming Pep Rally for all CJHS Band Students:

Would your 7th or 8th grader like to play in a pep rally with the high school band? There is a new chance for them to do so this year! On Sunday, September 29th our school system is hosting our first ever Homecoming Community Kick-Off in Grisham Stadium. This celebration will occur from 5:30 to 8:00 PM and our band program will get to participate! Report time will be 5:15 for all of those interested in participating. Students will report to the high school band room and will wear either their Trojan Band shirt or their 8th grade night shirt. Let’s make this the biggest band in the stands that the community has ever seen!

Whew! Need a recap?

CHAIR TEST: September 26th during class
8th GRADE NIGHT: September 20th
COOKIE DOUGH: September 17th-October 1st
CAROWINDS INFO: Will go home next week
TROJAN BAND GAME: September 19th
Thank you so much for your support and I am excited that your students get so many incredible opportunities and experiences because of band! Please read through all that was posted above and let me know if you have any questions!
Ms. Menendez