Celebrating Last Night, Yet Looking Ahead

Good afternoon,

Last night was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much to all that attended, all who helped out and to the students for putting on an incredible performance. Both groups did exceptionally well and played with passion and focus. It was also an honor to recognize those who serve this country or who have in the past. Thank you very much for your service to this great country.

Please keep in mind two important details for our concerts.

  1. I ask that students appear on time and stay for the duration of the concert. In their uniform, performing at a high level, and being a respectful audience member when the other band is on stage. Some band directors require a sign-in and sign-out sheet for their concerts that count towards their grade for the night. I do not want to push towards that at all, but I do want to emphasize that showing up on time and  leaving at the appropriate time is a must. I strive to keep the concerts as short as possible and I hope that last night demonstrated my intentions. We live in a busy world and committing any school night to an activity is a strain but hopefully you see that the few nights of the year for band are a good night spent out!
  2. The concerts are a grade. Students who work tirelessly each day in class deserve the chance to perform their pieces for a supportive audience. Please do your best to make sure that your student gets that wonderful moment with their classmates. I promise you that I work them HARD during the school day so I want them to show off for you. Nothing makes me happier than allowing them to set goals for themselves and then to see them reach those goals together, in front of a supportive audience.

We have some important dates coming up so I have listed them here below:

  • This upcoming Friday (10th) our 8th graders will perform during the school day at the Veterans Day Assembly. Students will report to school as normal and leave as normal. I will also feed them pizza for lunch. I will post timed details on Monday and ask for volunteers to help serve pizza at that time.
  • November 17th: 8th Grade Carowinds Deposit Due $50
  • November 28th: 7th Grade after school rehearsal for Christmas Concert (3:30-5) *Mandatory
  • November 30th: 8th Grade after school rehearsal for Christmas Concert (3:30-5) *Mandatory
  • December 2nd: District Honor Band Tryouts (Details to follow)
  • December 5th: CJHS Christmas Concert 7PM (6:30 Report Time)
  • December 15th: Carowinds payment due ($50).
  • February 10th: Symphonic Camp! Getting that approved right now and hoping to settle in on some details soon. It will be shorter than previous years and will include different activities that I think the students will enjoy. As soon as I know I will update our calendars and notify you. This event is for both 7th and 8th grades.


Maria Menendez