A great week!

Good morning,

We had a blast last night at the Championship where our Trojans became champions! Congratulations to them and congratulations to our band students who cheered them on the whole season. Thank you to our parents who are flexible and creative (as pictured below). You all allow me to focus on the kids and ensuring that they lose their voices from screaming so hard and from playing so loud!


We had TWO rehearsals this week and had wonderful attendance from our students. Both groups sound very prepared for our concert next week and I cannot wait to play under the lights at the Mabry Art Center next Thursday, November 2nd, at 7PM. Remember that students are dressed in black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks, and their band performance polo. I have extra polos for our new students and any student can turn theirs in for a larger size if I have their size available.

Carowinds: Remember that the $50 deposit is due November 17th. That is for parents and chaperones! Please write all checks out to CJHS Band or use our Revtrak website.


Today a trombone came in for one of our students who upgraded to a higher level instrument! His mother simply called Music & Arts and asked about the price difference between renting a trigger trombone. Remember that if you upgrade to a higher level instrument that they will apply whatever you have paid in rent on the first instrument (from 6th grade) to this upgraded instrument. So let’s say that you have paid $500 in rent in the instrument that was purchased on instrument night, when you upgrade to this new instrument they will apply that $500 to that instrument. That should make it so that you pay off this upgraded instrument faster and can possibly even purchase it. Please consider upgrading your child’s instrument as they progress so that they can play on higher quality instruments that produce a better sound, play more in tune, have additional keys to make playing easier, and allow for more fluidity in their playing. Check out the pictures below of Jeb Jackson unboxing his trigger trombone!


Have a wonderful weekend!

M. Menendez