Concert Week!

Concert: We have our first concert of the year this week! This Thursday at 7 PM in the Mabry Arts Center will be a night full of wonderful music. Remember to make your student try on their band polo, black dress pants, black shoes and black socks, (black belt for boys) NOW so that you have time to shop if a student has grown in size. 

I ask that you take your students phone up before the concert begins. They will not need it while performing or while watching the other bands. The worst thing that can happen is an app or phone making a loud sound during our concert. These students have worked extremely hard and I do not want anything to take away from that.

Report time for students is 6:30!

Carowinds: Remember that the $50 deposit is due November 17th. That is for parents and chaperones! Please write all checks out to CJHS Band or use our Revtrak website.

I will need a volunteer that would be willing to collect Carowinds checks or cash at the concert and give receipts. You would do this before the concert started (6:30-7:00) and then between 7th and 8th grade. Please email me if you are interested in helping out.

District Honor Band: DHB students have their mock audition this Thursday (since kids are not in school on Friday). I will listen to these auditions and determine if the student is prepared enough to audition this year. I would never want a student to enter the audition feeling underprepared. That does not set them up for an audition that gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, it does quite the opposite. Please ensure that you hear your student practicing each day this week at home in preparation for that mock audition. I am so proud of them for their work so far!

We have our weekly after school session for DHB kids or kids who need help on Wednesday until 4:45.

Have a great week!

-M. Menendez