Good morning,

I am so proud of our band this week. We had the honor of meeting Casey Cooper on Thursday followed by an exciting Trojan Band Game (“DON’t LET THEM SCORE!!!”) and THEN a highly successful 8th Grade Night! There were around two hundred and 60 band members in the stands last night. The stadium was alive and with the help of our 8th graders the band was able to pump up the crowd to support our boys on the field. There was a lot of dancing, laughter, and music going on! I am so thankful for all of the parent help recently whether it is through Trojan Band, handing out cookie dough, or just asking me “What can I do to help?” when I need it most. A special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jones who provided a trailer for us to haul our instruments to and from the band room these past two days and Mr. Ben Gordon for helping drive the trailer. I love being a part of this family and I hope that your students appreciate this family too. Feel free to send me pictures if you would like for me to post them here in our website for others to see.

Cookie Dough Corrections are due Monday morning. Please email me your corrections.

If you 8th grader was NOT at 8th grade night please send me an email with an excuse so that their grade is not deducted.

Our next Trojan Band Game is October the 19th. I am waiting for details about that game to see if we will attend.

Have a GREAT weekend and wish our high school band luck as we compete today at the Central Carroll Marching Competition!

-M. Menendez