Schedule for the week

Good evening,

A quick rundown for the week:

Monday at 3:30: Final cookie dough corrections will be sent to the company. No corrections made beyond Monday.

Wednesday: NO District Honor Band after school practice. I have training at the high school for our band competition on Saturday.

Thursday: NO Trojan Band game (they are away. Cross your fingers that they win)

Saturday: Legacy Of Champions Marching Band Competition! If you or your child have volunteered for that day to work then you should have received an email from me or will receive one shortly from our head of volunteers. Your child may receive service hours for working this event. Let me know if you or your child are still interested in volunteering.

(On the radar for the future: After school mandatory rehearsal for 7th grade on the 24 of October until 5 and mandatory after school rehearsal for 8th grade on the 26th until 5 unless we need to end early because we are playing in the football championship.)


Thank you!

-M. Menendez