Chair Test/Forms Due Friday

Good evening,

I will have the 8th grade chair test results out tomorrow unless I am missing a test from someone. 7th grade results will hopefully be out Tuesday. With two recording stations and 180 kids it takes a long time to listen to each recording and give each student an in-depth listen. I hope that students are happy with their results but that every single student will feel motivated to practice more efficiently, ask for help from me, or consider taking private lessons as we continue on through the year. I love watching students set goals and work diligently to reach them, even for something as simple as a chair placement. Learning to set goals and map out the steps to reach them is an important skill that they need for the future.

All forms for band are due this Friday. I can be lenient on the fees for a week or two but I at least need the handbook sign off and Trojan Band info (so I can order shirts and hats) by Friday. The parent volunteer form is optional but the band fees need to be paid as soon as you can please. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything on the financial side. If you are writing a check you may fill out ONE check for Trojan Band and the Band Fees if you would like. All checks should be made out to CJHS Band.

I have attached the four forms below in case you have misplaced your copy. I will tell students on Monday which forms they are missing.

Behavior and Important Forms

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Ms. Menendez