Chair Test

Good afternoon,

A few quick notes:

If you would like a receipt for anything paid for on the RevTrack cite then let me know. I can print of my receipt and send it home or just email a copy to your email.

We have our first playing test a week from today on August the 17th for 7th and 8th grade.

7th grade: all four scales

8th Brass: Concert Eb scale and Concert Ab scale (both one octave)

8th Woodwinds/Percussion: Lip Slur 1

All 8th grade: A will also site read a four measure piece. 

This is just a simple chair test to get my students in chair order as I begin passing out music. We will have a more intricate chair test in September as we prepare for our concert in November.

Please remember that all forms and money are due by August 25th for band. This is for a grade. Extra copies that you can print out are located on our website under “Forms”.


M. Menendez