What a Night !!!

The CJHS 8th grade band finished LGPE tonight with a spectacular performance and earned all Superior ratings from every judge both on stage and in sight reading. 

Thank you to all the chaperones who came with us tonight to help keep the kids safe and pointed in the right direction. 

A big shout out to Ben Gordon our trailer driver, Ben doesn’t have a child in any of the bands anymore at CJHS or CHS but still volunteers his time to drive the truck for all my events. He is certainly a special person. We couldn’t do it without him. 

I am so proud of how hard all of my STUDENTS have worked and how dedicated they are to me and the beautiful music they create together on stage. 

Thank you PARENTS for your commitment to the band program. Your support for your child’s music education is clearly seen through your actions and reflected on stage through our wonderful performances. 

Have a great long weekend. 

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