District Honor Band Participation

Hello 7th and 8th Grade Band Parents,

It is around this time every year that we begin talking about District Honor Band and All-State Honor Band auditions and I wanted to get you the information about it because I believe we have tons of talented kids who should be participating this year. 

Each school in Georgia is zoned to a district, ours is in district seven.  Each district is given audition materials to distribute to our students and an audition is held, two large bands are picked from the highest scoring students at the auction to make up the district honor band event which is held during the second semester.  We will work on audition materials in class and it is my hope that your child will audition for the DHB. District Honor Band participation and All-State Band Participation is looked at very highly by colleges and employers because of the extra time and the personal responsibility it takes to successfully audition and make one of these prestigious bands.

Students wishing to audition for the District Honor Band must pay a fee of $5 to participate.  This is recommended for 7th graders or first time auditionees.

Students wishing to participate on a higher level can pay an additional $20 ($25 total) in order to be considered for the All-State audition, if their District audition score is high enough.  This is recommended for 8th grade students who either auditioned or made the District Band last year.