Important Updates on Trips and Money

Good afternoon,

Important Announcement:

Please watch video below.

Summary: Cancelation of both the Braves and Carowinds trip. I need to know where you would like for your money to go.

Options are:

  • Band fees for next year (junior high for 7th and high school for 8th)
    • typically around $40
  • District honor band/all state fees for 7th grade next year
    • between $5-$25
  • Carowinds payments for next year (7th grade)
    • Trip is usually around $220
  • Anything that you usually pay for in band that you would like to knock out.
  • You may also transfer Chattanooga trip reimbursement money (8th grade only)  to high school band trip or fees rather than being reimbursed.

Least favorable option is to have a check mailed to you. Our treasurer has to reimburse many people at the JH so if we can take some of that off her place she would appreciate that.  It is your money but I am just trying to make our treasurer’s job easier!

Please email me privately at with your answer.

Band Auditions: DUE APRIL 2nd

7th grade auditions are here in Google Classroom and listed as an assignment.
8th grade auditions are linked here —>
You must join the appropriate Google Classroom and submit your audition there.

8th Grade Percussion: Mr. Nelson is creating your audition right now. Go ahead and join the Google Classroom now and it will be posted shortly.

High School band trip to Philadelphia and Washington D.C.:

Downpayment has been extended to April 17th.
Payments online here —–>


To all:

  • Remember that I can take money that you have already paid and apply it to something of your choice!! Thanks for being flexible.
  • Make sure your classmates are on the CJHS Band Google Classroom because after Spring Break I will post assignments. Class code: 2eg77eh
  • OFFICE HOURS: I will host an office hour from 3-4 today for you to drop by and say “hi”, or ask any questions that you have. Click on the link below anytime between 3-4 PM to join.
    Link——-> you all.


    Ms. Menendez