Weekly Announcements

Monday: Jazz Band party after school for those able to attend until 4:30

Tuesday: Jazz Band trip to Georgia Aquarium!

Wednesday: Jazz band after school until 4:15

Friday: Jazz band rehearsal 7:30 AM

Good evening,

Last week was absolutely packed! I am so thankful for all that our students do. We had a wonderful concert on Tuesday in order to prepare for LGPE on March 17th (schedule coming soon), had jazz band perform at the Black History Assembly, and had a guest artist come and speak with all of our classes on Friday.

This week is a more relaxed week and I look forward hearing the Jazz Band perform at the Georgia Aquarium on Tuesday!

Jazz Band Field Trip:

Estimated Times:

Report to band room from 1st block: 9:00 AM

Depart: 9:30 AM

Arrive at the Varsity: 11:00 AM

Enter Georgia Aquarium: 12:00 PM

Explore Aquarium: 12-2:30 PM

Perform: 3:00 PM

Depart for home: 4:00 PM

Arrival at CJHS 5:30 PM

Students will dress the same way that they did during the assembly. Nice pants (no jeans or sweats) and a nice shirt or dress. No tennis shoes for the performance please. Students will have time to change before the concert at the aquarium so they may want to bring a small bag so that we can change from comfortable clothes to our nice clothes before the performance. I will contact the Aquarium tomorrow to ensure that we will be allowed to bring in bags and will have restrooms to change in before we perform.

Please have your student bring enough money to eat at the Varsity and to buy souvenirs if they would like.


Our AYP fundraiser is in full swing. Please aim to have each student sell five cards so that they can earn one for free and so that we can reach our goal and purchase some more music stands! Our band is getting larger each year and we are struggling to get through rehearsals with the amount of music stands that we have.

Have you shared this on social media? Cards are $15 each!

AYP Merged

The fundraiser will end once all of our cards have been sold. 8th graders earn $3 towards their Carowinds trip with each card sold. Thank you so much for participating!

UGA Double Reed Day:

Lily Honeycutt participated in the University of Georgia Double Reed Day this weekend. She learned from guest artists, played in a double reed ensemble, and went to classes concerning music careers and bassoon maintenance. I always love when students learn from other teachers and musicians because they come back to our band as more knowledgable musicians. We look forward to hearing all about it on Monday. IMG-2279

If your student still has not submitted their Braves Game field trip form, an email granting permission will suffice. I need a final roster so that I can purchase our tickets this week. Please get the forms or an email sent to me ASAP.

Braves Trip 2020


Ms. Menendez