Good evening,

We had an incredible end to our week!

Book Signing:

Congratulations to our very own Madison Pate for becoming a published author!

Below are some pictures from her book signing that was held in the media center. Please consider supporting her by purchasing her book from this website:

We are so proud of you!

Jazz Band:

Jazz band will begin tomorrow and will rehearse every Monday and Wednesday at 7:45 in the morning until 8:15. All students who play trumpet, trombone, saxophone, percussion, bass guitar and electric guitar are welcome! No sign up or fees necessary.


The next installment of $50 for Carowinds is due this Thursday, the 28th. Students should have received a form that lists how much money they owe on their trip. If you have any concerns then let me know.

AYP Fundraiser:

Please continue selling AYP Cards. They are $15 each and if you purchase 5 you receive one for free. 8th graders earn $3 towards their Carowinds trip per each card sold.


Congratulations to our 7th and 8th grade bands on their performance on Thursday. That performance gave us some valuable insight as we continue pushing towards LGPE on March the 13th. Getting to rehearse in the hall where our evaluations will occur gives us a great advantage. We are thankful to Temple high school for inviting the Carrollton bands to share that concert.

I am so proud of what our band is becoming. Our students are polite, hard working, professional, well behaved, and even are starting to become proactive and resolve things before they even have a chance to become an issue. I am so extremely proud of the music that they make but most of all, I am proud of who they are growing up to be. Thank you for entrusting me with these incredible humans that push and inspire me daily. Being a part of our band programs takes a lot of time commitment and sacrifice. I am so grateful for the parents who volunteer and for the students who make our program what it is.

Please come and support them on March 13th for their performance at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center. 7th grade performs at 3:15PM and 8th grade performs at 6:00PM. Itineraries coming soon.

Go Trojan Band!


Ms. Menendez