Playing Test Reports (PTR)

Hello All,

Today I sent home playing test reports and progress reports with all 8th grade students.  On the report are some details about your child’s performance on their chair test and some insight into how they have been performing in class so far this year.  This is designed to be honest feedback on what they are doing, how they are doing it, and what they can do to improve.  The playing test reports should be signed and returned to me ASAP for a grade in class.

I did this process with the 7th grade grade band members a few weeks ago, so 7th grade parents you should have seen them already.  If not please let me know and Ill get you a new one.

Only a couple more weeks in this grading period so if you need to improve a grade the time is now.  The band room is open everyday after school and every morning at 7:15am for anyone that wants to pass off grades, or turn in late work.

Thanks all

Mr. Huls

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