Fall Concert Tomorrow

Tomorrow the 6th we will have our Fall Concert at 7PM at the Mabry Arts Center!
Students must report at 6:30 and are required to stay the entire time. Because we only have two grade levels the concert should be over before 8 o’ clock. Please be aware that students who leave early do not receive full credit and will be deducted points from that portion of their grade.
As stated in our handbook:
Rehearsal for concert = 30 points
Attendance at concert= 70 points
Total= 100 point test grade
  • Students should wear black dress pants or black khakis (no jeans or leggings) and their black performance band polo.
  • Shoes must be black and may not be sandals or tennis shoes. If shoes require socks I ask that they are black as well since any other color would clash with the all black uniform.
  • Black belts are not required but highly encouraged to make the tucked in shirt look even more professional.

    Friday will be our Veteran’s day performance during the school day. I will take care fo the students all day and will feed them lunch. They will leave school at the normal time. More information to come soon Wednesday morning.

Some exciting announcements are coming up! Stay tuned and I will see you all tomorrow evening.


M. Menendez