Rehearsals this week and other announcements

Good evening,

I want to start off by saying “thank you” to all of the students and parents who helped at the Trojan Band game on Thursday. Every person was very flexible with the rain and with the constant change in plans due to that weather. The volunteers have been spot on and are part of what make the games so well run. It has been a great season and I hope that everyone involved had as much fun as I did.

Rehearsals this week:

7th Grade Monday the 29th from 3:30-5:00

8th Grade Tuesday the 30th from 3:30-5:00

Please remember that these rehearsals are a grade for the students. We are unable to replicate combining both classes in any other way and therefore only get one practice before the concert.

Students who are in another Carrollton activity will split their time between band and their activity. Students will leave the band rehearsal at 4:00PM to attend cheerleading, wrestling, or whatever other activity they are a part of as long as they have notified me ahead of time. This will allow them to get full credit for the rehearsal. Thank you for your flexibility!

High School Chili Cookoff:

The 7th grade percussionists have been invited to perform at the Chili Cookoff on Tuesday! This is a high school band event. Please be there at 6:00 to eat some delicious chili and to prepare to perform. We encourage all perccussion parents to attend and to bring a crockpot full of chili too!

If you are not a percussionist you may also attend! Dinner starts at 6 and there will be plenty of music by percussion ensembles and other chamber groups. Dinner is free 🙂


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

-M. Menendez