Marching Band/Band Commitments

Good evening,

I want to make sure that all upcoming 9th graders are up to date on their fees and paperwork for high school band.

High School Fees and Dues        <———————————

It is also imperative that you read through the handbook and turn in the forms that are due.

Page eleven of the handbook has links to all of the forms that are due. You may click on them and fill them out. 

There is also a schedule for the year and a breakdown of the costs. We have the lowest band fees of the surrounding counties!

When you get the chance please subscribe to the CHS website at to stay up to date on information.

And finally, make sure that your student has logged into Charms (Link here)


  • Read handbook
  • Pay fees and fill out forms
  • Subscribe to CHS band website
  • Log into Charms

Thank you so much and have a great rest of your night!


M. Menendez