No Jazz Band and LGPE Schedule

Good morning,
First of all we will not have Jazz Band today or next Wednesday. (Next Wednesday is LGPE for 8th grade)
Below is our LGPE schedule. Students will need to bring $7 for dinner at American Pie.
7th Grade LGPE Schedule March 13th
2:45- Report to band room
3:15- Departure to performing arts center
3:30- Arrive at performing arts center
3:40- Watch band
4:30- Warm up
5:00- Perform
6:00- Depart for dinner
7:15- Arrive at CJHS
8th Grade LGPE Schedule March 14th
3:30- Report to band room
4:00- Departure for performing arts center
4:20- Arrive at performing arts center
5:30- Warm up
6:00- Perform
7:00- Depart for dinner
8:15- Arrive at CJHS
Please let me know if you have any questions!
M. Menendez