Gifts for the Holidays!

Good morning,

I hope that you have had some restful time with your loved ones. As we jump back in I would like to recommend a few items to our students to help set them up for this semester.

Percussion (per Mr. Bright since you will begin working on 4 mallet technique this semester)

1 stick bag:


2 pair of yarn mallets: Mike Balter Medium Blue

Buy them on Amazon or

Before you are alarmed by the prices, I would recommend canceling your rental with whatever instrument company that you are currently renting from. From now on your student really only needs their mallets/sticks and a drum pad (which you can purchase at another time).  They can always practice at school on the mallet instruments as needed. You can purchase the above items and you will be set for a long time (unless a student breaks them).


A new box of Vandoren size 3 reeds. Go to and type in Vandoren size 3 reeds and your instrument name. Just make sure to double check that you purchase the correct size.


Valve oil, slide cream of your choice. Most work the same.

Having great equipment will allow your student to excel in class and will make sure that their instrument is working at a high level so that it does not hinder them in any way. The money will payoff down the road when your students are offered money to play in college and their resume is full of extra curricular activities likes band. (No, seriously. They will throw money at your kid!).


8th Grade: Trip meeting in 1/9 at 6:00pm (high school band room)
$50 Non-refundable Deposit due on 1/12


After school rehearsals begin 1/16 (7th) and 1/18 (8th). Check calendar for details. These are for a grade and are our only chance to combine to work on our music for Large Group Performance Evaluation. They end up being a blast because the students get to hear what the pieces sound like as a full band. Please make sure that you notify me of any conflicts. 

Carowinds Payment Due: 1/31/18 Make sure to pay your December one if you have not already.

Annual Symphonic Camp: 2/10/18 @ CJHS

We are blessed to have professionals visit our school so that they can teach our students on their instruments and as a full band in preparation for Large Group Performance Evaluation. *Mandatory* for all students and will end with a bash in the cafeteria including food, games and music. FYI: This event used to go from 8AM to 3 or sometimes 5 in the past. I have shortened the day drastically out of respect for your time on a Saturday. Let me know if you have any conflicts.

You may subscribe to our band calendar on our website so that the dates sync automatically to your phone.

Please let me know if you have any questions and know that I will send out weekly reminders for things as needed to help us all stay on track.

Much love to this wonderful band family and Happy Holidays!


Ms. Menendez