Trojan Band Schedule for Today

Good morning,

Below is our usual Trojan Band Schedule

4:45 PM students need to be dropped off at high school band room (behind away bleachers of Grisham Stadium)

5:00 PM Warm up in high school band room

5:30 PM play at football game and cheer on the football team

6:30 PM (roughly) Half Time: students come to high school band room to eat pizza.

7:00 PM (roughly) Students may be picked up from high school band room to go home

If you are a Trojan Band parent volunteer then I will need your help beginning at 4:45 in the high school band room to assist me in a feeding our students at half time. Veteran parents will be able to lead as well as high school students. Thank you for your help!

Students may stay after school if they wish if they are unable to get a ride back to school after coming home at 3:30. We will walk over to the high school together around 4:20.

-M. Menendez