May 5th Band BBQ performance for 8th Graders

Hello all, 

Each year our high school band puts on a great fundraiser called the band BBQ. The marching band puts on a performance and everyone eats BBQ and enjoys the show. The past few years we have included the 8th grade band to give the kids another opportunity to play with the HS kids before they make their way to the HS band. This year is no different. Here is the info:

Thursday May 5th

5:30pm – warmup at the HS band room

6pm-7pm – performance with the HS marching band at Grisham Stadium. 

Pickup at Grisham stadium at 7pm. 

Uniform: band polo shirt and khaki shorts and tennis shoes. 

It’s going to be a busy week of performing but really fun.  I know you will enjoy this awesome performance. Please make plans to be there. 

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